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Stay-at-home order

As the sister and legal guardian of an intellectually disabled Arkansan, it is my duty to advocate for his safety and health. The governor needs to mandate a stay-at-home order to protect Arkansans and the nation. The coronavirus does not respect state boundaries. The majority of states have already issued these orders and are following the recommendations of the CDC to help flatten the curve before the hospitals become overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, day programs such as AEDD are still operating, leaving the developmentally disabled clients and staff vulnerable to infection. This is unconscionable!


North Little Rock

American character

I don't always agree with the editorials I read in the ADG. Nor the letters on the Voices page. However, I read every word, simply trying to understand why people feel the way they do. It gives balance to my own opinions and maybe makes me a little less critical trying to understand other folks' convictions, whether I agree or not.

Covid-19 is a scary thing. But Americans always seem to rise to these occasions, and I expect no less. We have always been competitive and we have taken great pride in our winning. But a "complete win" will not be possible without the compassion that our country has been known for in the past. And I see this compassion every day on the news. Not just medical professionals, the National Guard and armed services, but regular people. Grocery clerks, chain-store workers, managers and restaurant owners. They too, are on the front lines. And I'm sure most would tell you they are just an anxious as everyone else.

Treat everyone with respect. I know we've historically made our share of mistakes, but for the most part, our compassion for others is what has made us heroes. Covid-19 will require the people of this state and this country to recognize the value of humanity as a whole. Just as we step up to natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, we have always stuck together when we had to.

Whether we like it or not, we are all very much connected.

If the virus doesn't peak for four to five weeks, we have a lot to face. Throw politics and party affiliation in the dumpster where it belongs. Every time there's arguing, backbiting or placing blame, we're "burning daylight."



Don't delay further

Gov. Asa Hutchinson: I appreciate your daily covid-19 updates; however, I do not understand your delay in issuing a statewide stay-at-home order and the closure of non-essential businesses. We are among a handful of states that has not done so. And according to America's Health Rankings Arkansas is 48th in the nation, which means our citizens are at higher risk for the ravages of covid-19.

I urge you to issue a stay-at-home order and to close non-essential businesses today. Our hospitals and health-care providers need you to do so now so that we can support their valiant efforts.



But he's always right

I believe Donald Trump's rambling, misleading, and self-contradictory pronouncements have been mischaracterized by his critics as the products of dementia, derangement, stupidity, manipulation, egomania, wishful thinking, and so on. What these critics are missing is that Trump is actually an oracle. Just like the famous Oracle at Delphi.

The Oracle at Delphi is said to have delivered prophecies to the ancient Greeks in a frenzied state, speaking in gibberish and blowing smoke. The prophecies were often vague and made no sense. Officials of the Delphic cult, known as "prophetai," interpreted the Oracle's gibberish for those who came seeking answers and guidance. In our time, this function is served by various administration officials, Republican legislators, a certain bunch of clerics and Fox News.

The Oracle was always right, and no one was ever allowed to challenge it. If its humble petitioners did not grasp the profound meaning concealed in its message, it was always their fault. For example, when King Croesus of Lydia asked the Oracle if he should attack Persia, he was told that "a great empire will be destroyed." Encouraged, Croesus attacked and managed to destroy not Persia, but his own empire.

So if you don't understand what Trump is babbling about, make sure to get the correct interpretation du jour from one of his prophetai. They will help you to appreciate his genius. But remember: The empire you destroy may be your own.



Exponential growth

Yes, let's do keep some perspective on the covid-19 epidemic. Or at least so advises Bradley Gitz, who tells us that on March 24 the United States had only 785 deaths attributable to the virus, while one 10-month period of the Blitz of World War II saw some 30,000 Londoners killed.

As for myself, I'm not greatly comforted by being told that our country's present ordeal is not as bad as the London Blitz, especially by someone who seems unaware of the how incredibly large the number of deaths might conceivably grow.

The death count of 785 on March 24 had grown to 3,000 by March 30, suggesting that the number who die is almost doubling every three days. If this rate of increase holds, 16 days after March 24, along about April 9 or 10, we will reach 30,000 deaths, equaling the number who died in the Blitz during the period cited by Mr. Gitz. And under the grim assumption that after that the number of deaths continues to double every three days, by April 20, just 10 days later, the number of deaths in the country will exceed 300,000.

I trust that we won't see such catastrophic numbers in 30 days, or even in 300 days, but if we don't, I believe it will be due in large measure to the containment policies that many, possibly including Mr. Gitz, might find excessive.


Little Rock

Editorial on 04/03/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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