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  1. This U.S. city is named after the Duke of Orleans.

  2. Translate the name of the Canadian province Nova Scotia.

  3. This Australian state is named after the country of Wales.

  4. This Pacific island group became Vanuatu in 1980.

  5. This Canadian province was named for George III (duke and prince-elector of Brunswick-Luneburg).

  6. Which American state is named after the largest of the Channel Islands?

  7. Which country is named after a Dutch province?

  8. Which American state is named after a southern English county?

  9. Capt. James Cook gave this Pacific island its name because it reminded him of Scotland.


  1. New Orleans

  2. New Scotland

  3. New South Wales

  4. New Hebrides

  5. New Brunswick

  6. New Jersey

  7. New Zealand

  8. New Hampshire

  9. New Caledonia

ActiveStyle on 04/20/2020

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