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Bramble Market's Farm to Table Dinner

by Janet Carson August 16, 2020 at 12:42 p.m.

Martha Ray and I attended Bramble Market’s Farm to Table dinner Saturday night at the Goodwin Manor.

I had purchased this dinner at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show, but due to Covid, it got postponed. It was moved from April to August, and they had safety guidelines in play. It was a hot night and we were a bit worried we would be hot, but it was actually pleasant outdoors. The event was sold out and there was a good mix of ages. We wanted to attend to get some pointers.

Martha Ray and I are both on the committee for Dinner at the Vines, a local farm to table dinner planned for the Arkansas 4-H Center to celebrate 40 years of the CA Vines 4-H Center. We have moved our dinner to October 2021 to culminate the 40-year celebration.

Bramble Market is a local market owned by David Rice located at the corner of Highway 10 and Ferndale Cutoff Road. They host farm to table dinners periodically throughout the year. Some are held at their market, and others at Goodwin Manor.

I had never been to Goodwin Manor which is not far from the Arkansas 4-H Center in Ferndale. It is an event space, with a palatial home and a gorgeous outside area. It can be rented for weddings and other events. It was a beautiful setting for a lovely meal. We sat outside in the garden with simple centerpieces.

Our first course was already on the table when we arrived. Everyone had assigned seats and we wore face masks if we were up and moving about, but took the masks off once we were seated. The first course was locally made fresh sausages, cheese, candied nuts, a pickled green bean, some local jelly and small bites of smoked meats.

As our table was called, we took our paper plate and went to the buffet line where they served us.

We had small portions of each dish—starting from the top middle and going clockwise,

was a tea brined chicken leg smoked and tossed in a local jelly, then Mississippi-style pot roast over gouda pasta, cheesy delta rice grits with beans and some pork chili Verde, sesame BBQ short rib pieces with a purple rice called Ralston Rice, and last a squash pie. I thought it would be like a sweet potato pie as dessert, but it was sliced roasted summer squash in a pie shell with a lattice pie crust topping. Dessert was watermelon spears dusted with chili lime salt.

The food was catered by Chef Amanda Ivy of Low Ivy Catering.

David welcomed us and introduced the local musician who entertained us as we ate.

Once we finished, we could linger as long as we wanted listening to the music or you could walk the gardens and take in the view.

We had a wonderful time visiting with people and taking notes we can use for our own local food’s dinner. They sent everyone home with a goody bag with coffee, tea and honey.

It was also great to be out and about around people!


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