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Early in the week, the weather was delightful. I enjoyed my morning coffee outdoors, and it was a joy to be outside. The only downside was that there was no precipitation, but with the lovely weather, it made daily watering more bearable. The later in the week we went, the hotter and more humid it got, and watering became a chore. This weekend was really hot and humid. If the tropical storms materialize, that all could change later in the week, but my gardens can’t wait. They need a lot of water.

As long as I continue with daily watering, my plants continue to thrive.

I am seeing plenty of blooms from annuals, to perennials and shrubs. The Encore azaleas have loads of blooms,

while the sweet-smelling clerodendrons are opening up.

Too bad they are so invasive. Speaking of invasive, I thought I had nipped all the garlic chives, but many are beginning to bloom and bees are in heaven.

They are beautiful plants, but I know if I don’t cut them back before they set seeds, I will have even more plants in the garden next spring, which I don’t need.

Hydrangeas are still flowering depending on variety. The big leaf macrophyllas are changing color,

while my Strawberry Vanilla paniculata might be more appropriately named vanilla caramel,

since there is no pink in the transition. Cooler summer weather would aid in pink coloration, and that is usually not in the cards in an Arkansas August.

I am deadheading summer perennials including echinacea

and buddleia. I am letting the coreopsis set seed along with milkweed

to hopefully get some seedlings next spring.

I am starting slowly to renovate gardens. I bought a few fall vegetables this week, and will buy more as the weather cools. It is tough to get new plants established when it is hot and humid.

I did fertilize all my summer annuals and summer vegetables this past week. They are growing strong and should continue through fall. It may be hard to rally your energy into gardening right now, but a little extra time will give great paybacks.


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