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I don't have large holiday parties to give or attend this season, but for some reason, I still am staying busy. I see people in small doses, or via zoom. I had a great time connecting with so many gardeners across the state this past week with White Counties brown bag lunch series. I did a practice session in advance with Sherri and zoom guru Mary P--

who by the way was named Employee of the Year this year for the UA Cooperative Extension Service. I can't think of anyone who deserved it more than Mary, who helps everyone out with zoom. If you know her, congratulate her!

Sherri has built up a large audience for her lecture series, and we had a lot of gardeners tuning in and asking questions via chat. It was fun to be speaking again and getting excited about gardening.

Speaking of gardening, I did get a little gardening in this past week. I cleaned up a few beds, planted a few things and took inventory. There is still plenty to do, but I have plenty of color. The camellias are growing strong with open blooms

and tons more buds to follow. The hellebores are doing their thing,

and my winter annuals look great, even if they all aren't planted yet.

I still have a lot more to do, but in reality, that will probably happen after the holidays.

I did have Beth, Martha Ray and Randy for dinner this past week,

and gave them the most coveted gift of the season.

We always have a lot of laughter when we are together. I do miss large parties, but I can still do a little entertaining with small groups, while practicing safe habits. I see a lot of different people one-on-one when I am dropping off or picking up things. We all are making do with what we can to stay safe. This too will end, and life will eventually get back to normal. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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