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A Family Weekend in St. Louis

by Janet Carson February 2, 2020 at 4:55 p.m.

I was born in St. Louis, and still have quite a bit of family up there. I was invited to a baby shower for my cousin's first grandbaby, and decided to go. Not knowing what the weather would do in late January or early February, especially in St. Louis, I decided to fly instead of drive. While I do enjoy driving, I have to say, with a direct flight up and back, it was way faster flying. I was only in the air for 35-45 minutes, and without checking a bag, I was door to door in no time at all. Nice!

I flew up Thursday evening and caught up with my cousin and her family that night. We spent Friday running errands, seeing my uncle

and visiting more family. I got a sneak peak at the baby's nursery.

Let me say, this child is going to need to change clothes three or four times a day to wear everything she already has, and she doesn't arrive for another 1 1/2 months! Baby clothes are so cute--especially girl clothes.

Saturday we helped with the shower and it was so fun.

We helped with some food,


picture taking

and clean-up. My cousin Sue is a whiz at crafting,

and there were so many cute things she made for the shower.

We also played several fun games.

Obviously I am not in the baby market much, because I was way off on my Price is Right game.

Perhaps I am more of a bargain shopper?! Sue also made a special gift for the dad-to-be (her son). It came with everything he might need to change a dirty diaper, plus a panic button to call in the grandmas!

Ellie comes from a large family, and many family members including 2 grandmothers were there. She got many special handmade items.

This baby will have 3 Great Grandmothers

and 4 Great Grandfathers in addition to two sets of doting grandparents.

Our family is not as large, but the girl cousins from St. Louis were there, with a couple of daughters and one granddaughter. It was great fun visiting with them.

It took several vehicles to get all the baby presents home, and then we helped sort and separate them all at their house.

It was a joy watching the young parents-to-be opening their gifts, interacting with family and friends, and just being surrounded by so much love and support. This is going to be one lucky baby. I can't wait to meet her!


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