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Bedtime horror tale

And that, my grandson, is the story of how Trump and his cronies managed to consolidate all government powers into a single dictator, enriching themselves while burdening you and your friends with massive debt and assuring that you have no access to health care.

But thank god you have access to straws.



Being played for fools

The Trump administration recently delivered another gut punch to those of us who care about the health of our planet in relaxing rules governing the waterways of the U.S. This is just the latest in the attempts to befoul our environment and put numerous species at risk. Apparently the odious occupant of the Oval Office does not worry about the condition of the planet he will leave to his teenage son. Perhaps he gave him a few million and imagines that he can build some sort of fortress to protect himself from the environmental catastrophe, while leaving the rest of the populace to suffer.

Farmers and evangelicals, will you ever stop letting this hideous man play you for fools? Trump invokes his promises to farmers, but I believe the cold hard truth is that Donald Trump does not do anything for ideological reasons. He takes action only to increase the wealth of his family at the public's expense. Please notice that the new rules benefit golf courses, and who owns many golf courses around the world? You guessed it. I believe he's only interested in farmers' votes, not in their welfare. Farmers work hard, and the hardest physical labor this atrocity performs is driving his golf cart on the greens.

Stop being played. Use the brain that God gave you and give us an indication that it is not a teeny-tiny one.


Little Rock

Description was apt

Re "Purely political stunt": Well said, Russ Bailey! You nailed it.


North Little Rock

Was a personal win

Re Robert Walker's letter on "half-truths": Mr. Walker, what I heard was that Democrats determined from the 2016 election to impeach Trump. What they had was a guilty verdict in search of a crime. They thought they had him on Russian collusion, which didn't pan out. Then the Mueller report was another dry hole, so they avidly pursued "quid pro quo," which left them pointless. Those rabbit chases were followed by 17 "expert" witnesses who posited that if he had done those things, he should be impeached. In the end, not one witness accused President Trump of any impeachable offense.

I had a co-worker, Joan, who claimed that if you say anything with enough authority in your voice, people will believe you. Joan, you were right.

Triumphant Ms. Pelosi, souvenir pen in hand, showed it was not a distasteful duty, but rather a personal win.



Your destiny awaits

To the American child: You are an individual. No one like you has ever lived before. You are unique as a sparkling snowflake, one among billions.

Your destiny is not determined by what your ancestors did, nor is it determined by what others think or say about you. You can accomplish whatever you want, it has been stated. Possibly. But you can do what your talents dictate, to follow your personal desires and your God-given genius.

Don't bow down to peer pressure, and don't let the status quo dictate what you wear, where you work or live, or especially what you think. Remember, you and you alone must pursue that unique voyage to your own personal goal. You must seek that special mission that many times only you can see, sail your ship through the strongest gales in deadly storms, through dangerous battles and heart-rending failures to someday reach that divine destiny that only you have been preordained to accomplish.

Remember two great scientists who were considered by their teachers to be retarded, addled, slow and dull were Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein.

So direct those mighty sails, prepare yourself, educate yourself through reading, with or without college, and boldly march through the unknown. Light the way through the darkness of ignorance, discover that treasure, whether it be of value only to you or whether it might become an asset and a great benefit to the whole of humanity.


Little Rock

Happens anywhere

Jan. 27 was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Every year we spend a day trying to remember not to conduct holocaust upon each other. We do this because at least 6 million Jews languished and died during the Second World War, many in death camps. The holocaust was Adolf Hitler's idea. Let us have a quick look at Hitler the monster.

Hitler's early life was filled with heartbreak. First his older brother understandably ran away from home; his younger brother died from the measles; his father reportedly died from a lung aneurysm; and then Hitler's mother died from breast cancer not long after Hitler was rejected by the arts college. After so much sorrow and rejection, Hitler was drafted into World War I, but failed the Austrian physical. Later, Hitler applied to the Bavarian army, which rebuilt him into its own image of the Aryan warrior. But Hitler was not yet a monster.

After the war, Hitler joined the Nazis, went to prison, and ran for office, only to be defeated. It was German President von Hindenburg who appointed the miscreant Hitler to the chancellor's office. Von Hindenburg released the monster.

Today, there are many monsters like Hitler seeking to rise above the law. Nationalism has led to a "them or us" mentality where xenophobes feel that immigrants and refugees do not deserve humanity. Holocaust continues in Syria, Yemen, and regions of Africa. It can happen anywhere.



Editorial on 02/02/2020

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