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About digital format

I see where the Democrat-Gazette will soon stop weekday delivery for certain locations. I read both the printed version and the digital version, although sometimes it is getting more difficult accessing the digital version for some reason. The cost of the newspaper has gotten my attention (my last bill was $288).

There is something about having the newspaper in your hand instead of pulling it up on one of our desktops, laptops or cell phones. I wouldn't mind switching to an all-digital format if I could print off the puzzles my wife plays daily (picture puzzle, crossword puzzles and anagrams).



Taking care of family

Those of us raised in the 1930s and '40s most likely remember what it was like to have a stay-at-home mother taking care of the family, and our fathers were the breadwinners. If you don't think that was a full-time job, try it sometime without a washer, dryer, wrinkle-free shirts, and a dishwasher. In Huttig, I remember helping my mother on wash day build a fire out back under a big black pot, filling it with water, bringing out the family wash, then filling two big tubs full of water for the rinse. The clothes had to be hung on the clotheslines to dry. In the evening, after supper, she ironed everything.

Everyone had a garden, and in the fall, we canned so that we would have vegetables all winter and into the summer. The chickens had to be fed, eggs collected, pigs slopped, and the garden weeded. Housewife is a noble profession. Employers paid the breadwinner enough to support his family.

A livable income is one that enables the breadwinner to support his/her family. It became a human right enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights. A housewife worked like a horse and did all the other things that mothers do raising the children. Now it takes two incomes to support a family. What happened? Who is raising the children? Employers get two wage-earners for the price of one. This is not right. One parent needs to be at home taking care of the family.

Restore the graduated income tax we had from 1945 to 1980, when our GDP grew 12.56 times, and everyone was taxed exactly the same on their taxable income. If we do this, we will recognize again how a little socialism can nurture and grow a capitalistic economy, and lift all boats. Make house husbands a noble profession also.



Congress weakened

What are the people in this country thinking? Do they understand what is happening? I believe by supporting this cruel and lawbreaking president they have effectively shredded our Constitution. By allowing Trump to defy the law and defy subpoenas, he has rendered congressional oversight null and void. Nothing stands in Trump's way now; the Republicans have effectively installed their man as a monarch who will answer to no one. It seems the Republicans care only about their short stay in office, not our country or our Constitution.

Trump has already promised to cut Social Security and Medicare, not to mention Medicaid and health insurance. He will need these funds for his wall and for his future wars. Trump says he wants to stop corruption, yet he reportedly is fighting to change the laws to allow for bribery of foreign countries. He has made over 16,000 documented false statements since he has been in office. Do people care? I guess not.

The worst thing is what Trump will do with his good friend, Putin, and Russia. We have already seen that he trusts Putin more than our own intelligence agencies and he is now promoting Putin's false narrative that Ukraine interfered with our election, not Russia. Do you think that he won't ask Putin for help during the November election? His trust in Putin is dangerous to our country and our future, and America will pay a heavy price for it if he remains in office. We can thank the Senate Republicans for this. They are afraid of Trump and afraid to speak out, and it will leave a stain on them that they will never be able to wash out. No "Profiles in Courage" here.

Congress has now been weakened by the loss of oversight and executive side will reign supreme. The balance of power which has made us such a strong country in the past has forever been lost. This country will never be the same.


Little Rock

New dimension seen

Finished reading last Monday's paper, thinking how much more enjoyable than in the old days' editions. Sunday night watching the music awards, it was amazing how much was missed: the vividness of the color, details of the attire (costumes) and the expressions of the winners.

My past goes way back to when riding a bike to deliver your paper in Warren started my association with your company. When you changed it to digital for such a big change, very quickly it was evident that being able to expand the print for these tired old eyes of 82 years, and being able to read the paper anytime, anyplace or any week brought a new dimension to my experience. Mr. Walter, you are spot on.

Congratulations! My only question: Am I your oldest delivery boy?



So if that's his plan ...

Lonnie Hill and Robert Best tell us that though President Trump may have his moral failings, it is part of God's plan that he should lead the nation.

But God's plan surely covers all of history, not only the past three years. God is omniscient and omnipresent. If there's a plan, Barack Obama, Bush father and son, and Bill Clinton must be in it. Along with the good guys, the plan would include Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Chairman Mao.

Or maybe you think that history is one long chess game between God and Satan? That belief would be Manicheism, declared a Christian heresy a couple thousand years ago.

Does God's plan for Trump have to do with abortion? It seems strange that this would be his justification for foisting Trump on us, because he never mentions abortion in the Ten Commandments or indeed anywhere in the Bible. Besides, it is the Senate, not the president, which confirms judges.

Some think Trump is the chosen one because environmental destruction and a reckless posture inviting war will hasten the end-times. They can't wait for violent chaos to descend, on the assumption that they themselves will be spared. In the meantime, the economy is pretty good.

If indeed it is God's plan that Trump will be re-elected, then his supporters don't need to show up on election day. Leave it up to the Lord, folks; just stay home and check out your stocks on Nov. 3.



Of misrepresentation

Re "It's not just cartoons" from B.E. Spurgeon of North Little Rock, who is unhappy with certain cartoons that depict Mr. Trump's Ukraine phone call and Adam Schiff's rendering of the official memo of said call: The official memo was generated by the president's staff and is not a complete or accurate transcript of the phone call to the newly elected president of Ukraine, according to other persons who were listening to the complete call. Who knows what was actually said or requested of the Ukrainian president in that phone call? The general public will never know since it reportedly has been classified and placed in a secure vault so no one can see what was actually said.

The letter-writer wonders why there was no punitive action taken against Mr. Schiff for misrepresenting the official memo. If Mr. Schiff is to be punished, what would be the appropriate punishment for the many thousands of misstatements and outright lies given by the Chief Prevaricator in the White House in his innumerable daily tweets and at the rallies for his devoted followers? It seems many of the president's legal-team sycophants in Congress also have problems with accurate statements regarding the impeachment hearing when claiming Republicans were blocked from attending or not allowed to ask questions during the closed hearings. The hearings were open only to the committee members of both parties. Questions concerning the whistle-blower were not allowed since the identity of the whistle-blower is confidential per the official guidelines.



Editorial on 02/03/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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