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Consistent morality

Fifty-three Republican senators and the chief justice of the Supreme Court took an oath to conduct a fair and honest trial in the impeachment of Donald Trump. It seems they lied. They are conducting a cover-up and a whitewash.

I believe the fact that they won't call for witnesses or documents is absolute proof. If there were any evidence that would exonerate Trump, it would have been made public a long time ago. Why? Every Republican in the House and Senate is apparently the bought and paid-for property of billionaires who believe they have the right to rule by the divine right of wealth. They want to establish a Russian-style kleptocracy where workers are kept down and snoopy reporters fall out of upper-story windows. To do this they need the support of angry white racists who will vote to stab themselves in the back if it will hurt minorities and upset liberals. They also need the conservative Christian and evangelical anti-abortionists who would vote for Satan if he said he was anti-abortion. Trump owns these people, so they need Trump.

What do you think the Republicans would be doing if this were about Bill or Hillary Clinton? Right. This is why I am not a conservative. I try to have a consistent moral standard. If it's wrong for a Democrat, it is wrong for a Republican.



Need more dentists

For as long as I can remember, I have always lived an hour away from dentists. My family has always driven us to the dentist every six months to get our check-ups. When I see my dentist, they always help and give me recommendations on how to do better, but I recently realized that many Arkansas residents don't have access to dental care.

According to a county health rankings report, there are 2,180 people per dentist. Absolute Dental states that when someone has a lack of dental care, it can strongly hurt their chances to get hired or to keep away from serious health issues like cancer or cardiovascular disease. Looking at where dentists are located, 60 percent or more dentists are distributed within 10 Arkansas counties, according to Dr. Lindy Bollen.

Since a lack of dental care can hurt the health and job rates of people, a solution needs to be found and utilized. If Arkansas were to add a dental department to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, it would entice future dentists to come into the state and work. While the dentists are in college, the school could require the students to work rurally to gain experience, and it could have the students work rurally in Arkansas after graduation.

Since I've been a child, I have always been happy to know my teeth are healthy. It is why I want more dentists in Arkansas, so other people can have good oral health. For Arkansas to ever contain more dentists, action must be taken.



On picking your jury

If you commit a crime, ask for GOP U.S. senators to be your jury. Apparently, you can get away with anything.


Heber Springs

On physical inactivity

Arkansas: the Natural State. Or is it the Sedentary State? Fitness experts from the Mayo Clinic recommend that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. However, 31 percent of residents in Arkansas do not meet this standard and spend the majority of their day doing nothing, while the national average is only 23.8 percent. A likely result of this staggering statistic is that 37.1 percent of Arkansans are obese, according to the United Health Foundation.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed in the most efficient way possible: by spreading awareness of the health benefits of regular physical activity.

The Department of Health and Human Services reports that living an active lifestyle has a high chance of lowering the risk of obesity, heart attacks, and type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, many people are not aware of how much weekly physical activity is recommended for the average person, and adults often misconceive how much they actually exercise throughout the day. Education methods in the form of advertisements or public service announcements would set the foundations of a healthy lifestyle, especially for young children.

Since there are public health organizations that currently fund other campaigns, such as vaping prevention for teens (The Truth Initiative), advertising the importance of daily physical activity should be funded as well. By increasing awareness of the health benefits of physical activity, citizens of Arkansas will be more motivated to get active and live a healthier lifestyle, securing the health of many generations to follow.


Hot Springs

Police accountability

The Little Rock Board of Directors recently appointed a citizens review board to give much-needed review of the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD). In recent years the LRPD has been at the center of several officer-involved shootings of African Americans that have led to fractures between the police and the community. In addition, a Washington Post exposé on the shooting of Bobby Moore by Josh Hastings exposed a culture of non-accountability, further solidifying public distrust in the police.

Now that we the public know about the completely inadequate mechanisms for police accountability in the LRPD, to rebuild trust with us the LRPD needs to make police officers accountable for their actions. Without accountability, the fear of the police misusing their position with impunity is real. While that fear exists, trust cannot exist.

The board established last year is a step toward making the police officers of the LRPD accountable for their actions. Giving an outside authority the power to investigate and oversee the LRPD would begin the process of bringing accountability back to the LRPD. With improved accountability, the public can begin to once again trust the LRPD.

With this, I hope that your paper and your readers will support the board as a necessary step toward accountability for the LRPD.


Hot Springs

Editorial on 02/04/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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