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Aid blood pressure

I love reading the digital Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and I love our Razorbacks and the great articles about our "new" teams and coaches. I read the paper thoroughly and appreciate the editorial page; and, on occasion, I can even tolerate Martin (when he writes about his pups) and Brummett (when my blood pressure is too low).

As for the letters to the editor, might I suggest that the letters from the socialist counties of northwest Arkansas be limited to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette? My physician wants me to watch my blood pressure.


Hot Springs Village

A child at the SOTU

Who was the bored little girl sitting behind the president as she yawned and played with her coloring book? I have never seen such blatant disrespect. She should be ashamed, but judging from the alternating smirks and yawns, probably not.

America is truly a "classless" society. Congratulations, Nancy, you are the greatest example! Ripping up the speech was even more disrespectful and disgraceful than anything I have ever seen in such a setting.



No on sales-tax bump

I read with great interest the article in the Democrat-Gazette on Friday concerning Mayor Frank Scott's request for a 1 percent sales-tax increase. In the second paragraph it said, "Scott touted strides the city made during his first year in office." There was no mention whatsoever that I could find in the article concerning his claimed strides. I follow the news pretty carefully, but the only thing I'm aware of that's been accomplished by Mayor Scott is closing two golf courses and losing an expensive lawsuit from a police officer where he forced his firing.

Now he wants us to support a 1 percent sales-tax increase for what he calls "quality of life" issues. The article clearly demonstrates Scott's tax-and-spend approach that's been used by liberals for decades. First, you throw in something for everyone. Then you compare our tax rate with neighboring cities that have a higher rate. There's your winning formula.

Perhaps we should also compare ourselves with cities where the sales tax is less? I might be willing to support an increase if it's designated for specific projects (like the jail tax years ago) with a sunset clause. But, as of now, I intend to vote no to a permanent sales-tax increase that simply goes into the city's treasury for a wish list. Mayor Scott's wish list may be good, but what about the next mayor? How will he/she use that extra 1 percent? It's too much of a risk for me.


Little Rock

Where it's heading

Re Super Bowl halftime: I agree with Yvonne Samons. How do they top it in next year's halftime--with nude dancers?



Editorial on 02/06/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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