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Community gardens

Health in Arkansas is in critical need of improvement, as indicated by its rank of 48th out of 50 states across all health outcomes/factors. A community garden solves related problems of inactivity, poor diets, and high overweight and obese rates. Additionally, gardens have welcoming aesthetics; healthy, inexpensive, and available food; and promote new relationships, increased happiness, community involvement, less food waste, and saving the environment.

Gardens have been used since humans began staying in one place and cultivating the land. People who spend as little as 20 minutes per week in nature are less stressed and happier in their lives. Furthermore, community gardens help people save money and the environment by buying less from stores. Negligible costs of local fruits and veggies incentivize many citizens to gather them. Moreover, people would be encouraged to stop throwing away their scraps of wasted food and compost, alleviating much of the need to buy mulch and various fertilizers.

For availability, gardens should be placed in parks near schools. Kids and volunteers could get service hours maintaining gardens while communities could form garden committees or work forces that assign jobs like tilling, weeding, planting, and cleaning up garden paths. This communal effort requires people to be invested and work as a team. Factoring in tools such as cheap watering jugs and stakes made from milk jugs and branches, and infrastructure, including a water spigot and volunteer work, costs would barely exist; the overall cost only requires volunteers' tools and maintenance.

Establishing a community garden is a necessary step in helping to prevent obesity, increase healthiness, and give a better sense of well-being and connectedness in Arkansas.


Hot Springs

He's still on throne

After months of trying to remove King Donald from his throne, the end finally came Wednesday afternoon, and the verdict was not guilty: Senate acquits King Donald of both impeachment articles. However, the verdict was never in question.

Tuesday night, our king strolled into the House chambers amid chants of "four more, four more, four more." The Donald delivered a State of the Union address unparalleled to any that I have heard, filled with so many 'I's (eyes) that our future has to be bright, and so many 'my's till I was thinking that he was using my as an adjective, but knowing that it was a pronoun/interjection and not the latter.

But give the king his props. He was on his soapbox and had something for everyone, but I am wondering if he was successful reaching out to African Americans. Did they buy into his well-disguised pretending to embrace the African American community? I mean it; I didn't know King Donald's true colors. I would have cast my vote Tuesday night, but you know we don't have to vote for our king.

After the speech, The Donald walked out with his head held high and his chest filled with woo-whee badges that he had to give conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

Yes, I remind you that I wrote in this space three years ago that we would be happy to have Donald Trump as our king, and we would be saying long live the king, long live the king.


Little Rock

Vote a cowardly act

Shame on all the senators who voted against hearing sworn witnesses. Sweeping wrongdoings under the rug is a cowardly act, and a gut-punch to the U.S. Constitution.

This travesty of justice will be remembered by this independent voter. I vote for the truth!


Mountain Home

Thought experiment

A president of a bank embezzles from his bank. Two months later someone blows the whistle. The president then pays the money back. He is indicted and at his trial claims he is innocent because the bank did not know about it and he paid it back. The president and his lawyers hide all incriminating documents and keep all employees from testifying. Luckily he has a jury of 12 Republican senators who think documents and witnesses are not important. He is acquitted by unanimous vote.



Color me confused

I have just checked in to the "Home for Terminal Bewilderment" and here is why.

Republicans claim that the 2016 presidential election was won by a majority vote of the U.S. people, yet CNN and others state that Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes.

There is a claim that the economy is the best ever, but indications are that the improvement didn't start after the 2016 election, but before. I feel that tariffs have slowed the economy down and only the people of this country have helped it grow. How does your grocery bill look these days? The current administration is weakening environmental laws, ignoring global climate change and softening financial and banking laws. Read the newspaper on any day and you can read about a weakening of a law or something that weakens this country in general.

The nuclear treaty with Iran was abolished for the U.S., and now there is a move to re-establish it, or so it is said. Over-publicized talks with North Korea and Russia have apparently come to an end without an apparent chance of revival.

And, as for the impeachment proceedings, I never saw a bigger sham on the part of the Republicans as was shown. How can we trust anyone in politics anymore? A tactic of "bait and switch" or putting up a smokescreen with misinformation and outright prevarication seems to highlight the political tactics of today.

As an independent, I wonder who will run for the Democrats; we know who the Republican candidate will be. Where are we headed as a country?

I would like to say something positive, but there is little that appears to be happening in a positive way. The obvious solution is to get someone in leadership at the federal level that cares about and truly represents us.

Perhaps, dear reader, you need to join me at the home.


Little Rock

Continued acrimony

My wife and I watched the State of the Union speech. It appalled us when Nancy Pelosi tore up his speech. The wedge between the parties grew Tuesday night. Democrats showed us, by not joining in on the good news, their intention to continue uncooperativeness. President Trump provided excellent examples of our country's status.

However, both my wife and I no longer wish to hear the continued acrimony from both political parties. One can only imagine the forthcoming verbiage from frothy-mouthed, wide-eyed politicians. Give it a break and start acting in a civil manner. As for Madame Speaker, it's time for you to go home and stay there. As for President Trump, continue using the style you gave us Tuesday night to aid in the healing of our country.


North Little Rock

Editorial on 02/07/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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