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Less Pelosi and Schiff

Now that the fiasco in Congress is over at present, I hope the paper's classifieds will come back. What's with the abbreviated version you've been putting out? It's basically just a waste of time to go there. I enjoy them, but the last week or longer, there hasn't been anything to read. Please bring them back, at least until Pelosi and her gang make another ill-advised attempt to unseat President Trump.

Please, please, more classifieds and less Pelosi and Schiff and their attempt to remove our elected president. They must be afraid to let the people decide or are deluded enough to think we can't see through them. Nancy's temper tantrum at the end of the State of the Union address speaks volumes about her mindset. All I can say is "Bring it on." You should learn your lesson, but I'm sure you won't. I'll bet you do come November 2020!


Heber Springs

Support Constitution

I credit Mitt Romney as the only Republican senator brave enough to let the facts and Constitution guide his vote for at least one article of impeachment of D. Trump. Unfortunately, for doing this, he was the immediate target of rude insults, threats and criticism from Trump.

Somehow, the POTUS has taken over the Republican Party and has all his men lined up to do his bidding. Are there no other thinking Republican senators left in the hall? Where were Senators Boozman and Cotton? Present, but unresponsive. They chose to make strictly partisan statements that criticized Democrats rather than saying anything substantive about the trial or the facts related to the case. What about the balance of power?

Trump's phone call of July 25 wasn't the first time he sought foreign interference in the U.S. election process. Now that almost all Republicans have blindly stood behind him, I doubt it will be his last attempt.

On Wednesday, a phone call to John Boozman's D.C. office was met with comments that his office was uninterested in collecting my name due to hundreds of calls that day. They mentioned that usually people satisfied with things don't call in. My call to Tom Cotton's office revealed they were getting thousands of calls.

Apparently, politicians are not interested in their constituents' thoughts, only what will help them in the next election. It will be up to the voters in November to elect people who truly represent them and support the Constitution.



Sold out our nation

Well, they (Republicans) talk about how horrible it is to desecrate our flag, yet it seems they are desecrating our Constitution. Stomped it in the ground ... sold out America. The senators refused to call witnesses to testify. Are they really that afraid of the truth?

Shame on all of you, and especially those from Arkansas. What a disgrace you are to our country and the people. Without the Constitution, we have no flag. Are you trying to outdo Judas?


Little Rock

Religion and politics

We should all be ashamed and embarrassed by the actions and reactions of many of our leaders, both political as well as spiritual. When I was growing up in the '60s, many of us young people believed in and supported the progressive, open-minded Republican Party. We helped elect Win Rockefeller, and the "stuck in the mud" status quo Democrats lost.

Now it seem the roles of our two parties have switched, and many people refer to them as the conservatives and the liberals. They like to label themselves, and/or others, as the good conservatives or the bad liberals, when in actuality no one is either/or--all of us are part of both of these ideals and/or philosophies.

As all the ultra-conservatives, etc., candidates were eliminated, the Republican Party realized that its last and only choice left was Donald T. He's probably the least conservative person alive. He has led a life that would make even the devil blush. And how can anyone support him? I am ashamed of him and most of his Republican and "spiritual" friends.

And now I'm also ashamed of my church because it can't or won't do what Jesus told us to do. I used to be proud of our church's motto: "Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors." But now there are some people who want us to be closed-minded, have a closed-door policy, and find reasons to hate, not love, one another.

I wonder how many churches would ban Jesus from their services because his clothes, hair, and sandals make him look homeless, and he hangs around with 12 other men that look much like him, maybe not with the best or cleanest clothes. They might even need a bath and not have a very pleasant odor about them. Judge not, lest ye be judged also?

And there are many other religious leaders who are prejudiced, hypocritical, and certainly don't follow the true meaning of Christian love. How they can support D. Trump, who I believe is as evil as they come, and tell their congregations to vote for him is beyond all reason.


Bee Branch

Editorial on 02/08/2020

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