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Not the same party

President Trump has consistently repeated Russian propaganda which contradicts the results of every investigation by every government agency which examined Russian interference in the 2016 election. The Republican Party of the 1950s would have impeached him, convicted him, thrown him out of the presidency, and then blackballed him for a lot less than that. An example of less (or possibly more) would be the meeting with Putin, which no American was allowed to hear.

My, how the Republican Party has changed!



Extracurricular time

Dana Kelley did a good job Jan. 31 on presenting some positive attributes of homeschooling. Yes, there are some very good examples of this choice working for some. However, I have also seen some horrible examples of this choice being badly abused. I have seen kids around town unsupervised. I have seen kids being "taught" by those who should not be allowed anywhere near academic material. I also have a question: Why, if the academic aspect of public education warrants removal from that environment, are the extracurricular options acceptable? Academics not good but football or band OK? Puzzling. The choice was made to remove the student from the education setting, yet non-academic choices are still fine. Interesting.

Sure, positive samples can be found for homeschooling. Definitely. Obviously, the parents of those students care and are involved. I applaud them, as parental support and involvement is the central element to education success. However, I just have a problem with athletics, band, and other extracurricular activities, non-academic areas of the public system from which the student was removed, being accessible. I would like to see some statistics on the number of homeschool students still participating in the systems they left.



Times have changed

A fully clothed Carol Channing--the first celebrity to perform--sang "Hello, Dolly" at halftime of the Super Bowl. Fifty years later, a scantily dressed Jennifer Lopez performed a provocative pole dance at the break.

My, how times have changed. I suppose it's a matter of personal taste as to whether the evolution of halftime entertainment is for the good. As for me, I liked Louis Armstrong's rendition of "Hello, Dolly" better, and the prospect of Jennifer Lopez performing a pole dance at halftime was enough to keep me out of the refrigerator for a while.



A proud 'deplorable'

I am one of the "deplorables." I am for Trump. I shop at Walmart. How do I smell? MAGA.


Little Rock

Royals and paparazzi

We watch and listen to the paparazzi hounds in England trying to tear two young people's marriage apart. The same people that do not know how to mind their business with their own lives are in hell. These people helped put Harry's mother in her grave. I am glad Harry saw what they did to his mother and put a stop to these busybodies.

These are two grown people, not kids. It takes a person 365 days to mind your business and 365 days to leave other people's business alone. Some of the busybodies in England said Harry was not Charles' son. Is that your business? Then they started in on Meghan, who couldn't care less about the gossiping animals talking about her race. The last time I read the Bible, which is every day, God talks about the human race, nothing about what the ignorant man thinks. Harry never had a chance to grieve about his mother because of the paparazzi hounds. It seems Charles was not a father figure; he was after Camilla, the home wrecker.

Harry and Meghan will be just fine. God will bless them in every way. Satan will not be able to get his claws on them. So glad to see Harry's love for his grandmother. I will keep praying for this young beautiful couple.



Moderates needed

I am a moderate conservative who voted for President Trump. He has done some good things, but I don't care for his vengeful attitude and mocking of people. This is rubbing off on a lot of his followers. Not cool, and not good for our country. President Trump may get his own Joseph Welch moment if he keeps it up.

The left is scary too. Guess who wants to define hate speech and tell you what you can say? We could lose our freedom.

We need some moderate independents to run. No radicals, please. We should work together to shut down the most shrill voices that divide us. Thanks for considering.


Cave Springs

Trump's money trail

As I said a few months ago, I believe the only thing that will affect Trump will be his money trail. He has beaten the House and owns the Senate.

The Supreme Court will rule this summer about the release of his tax returns. If it rules in his favor, America will not be governed, but will be ruled by a person who cares not about democracy.


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 02/10/2020

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