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Beware partisanship

While attending the "Oyster Supper," I was approached by a young man campaigning for Barbara Webb for Arkansas Supreme Court. His first comment was, "She is wife of Doyle Webb, the chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, and will help give us a conservative Supreme Court."

My answer was, "I thought the Supreme Court races were to be nonpartisan." The young man turned and walked away.

Chip Welch has experience and has proved himself as a fair justice many times. The Supreme Court is not the place for partisanship, and it needs to stay that way.



Good sportsmanship

I'm a big boxing fan. It is always meaningful to me to see the defeated opponent, whether the outcome is a decision, split decision, or knockout, go over to congratulate the winner. This kind of sportsmanship can be seen in golf, tennis, college basketball, and those who watched the Super Bowl saw many 49ers players congratulating some of the winning Chiefs players. This is the right thing to do, and is the common practice in most all sporting events.

It would be most appropriate, it seems to me, for the Democrats to go over to the Republicans and say we did our best and want to congratulate you in your win. The Republicans would in turn tell them they fought a good fight and were worthy opponents.

Jesus said in Matthew, "Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand." My prayer is that there will be handshakes between the two parties and they will now work together to help solve problems in a manner that will be beneficial to all Americans.


North Little Rock

Simply reprehensible

A man votes his conscience and he is reviled. There was a time when voting one's conscience was the honorable thing. It is reprehensible to chastise and shun a man because he speaks his truth.

But then, "reprehensible" is a good word for much of what is taking place with the current "leadership" of this country. It is reprehensible to lie about everything great and small, it is reprehensible to abuse your power for personal and political gain, and it is reprehensible to be such a sore winner.


Little Rock

Odds look favorable

There's a very real possibility, if not a probability, that America re-elects an impeached president in November, and a real possibility that he gets impeached again.



What about choice?

I've heard it said by Nancy Pelosi and others in defense of abortion choice that women should have reproductive rights.

Let's take an imaginary trip. If a young woman feels like taking a joyride, and, seeing a car with the keys in it takes off to enjoy that ride, when the police officer catches her, can she say, "I changed my mind. I don't want to take the car. Since I no longer choose to take the car, you have to let me go"? How will the judge respond to that, do you think?

Or if the lady, at the edge of a high cliff, feeling despondent about life, decides to jump, can she change her mind after taking the leap and call out to the rocks below that she now chooses not to jump and they must not harm her?

Once the choice is made and acted on, there are foreseeable results. There comes a time when the right to change one's mind is ineffective.

Of course, the lady who takes the car may not get caught ... this time. But she will be caught, eventually, if she keeps making that choice. And the lady who jumps will surely be hurt or killed.

What about the consequences to the lady who has already chosen to allow someone to plant the seed of a child in her? Hasn't she already exercised her right to choice? And now this child, doesn't she also have a right to choose?

The argument that a woman has "reproductive rights" really often means that she thinks she has the right to change her mind and avoid the consequence of her activity. This is accomplished by killing a baby, another human being, the product of her previous choice.

Let's not hide behind false words. Right thinking demands right speaking.



Another perfect storm

The Democrat candidates are carving each other up with their own identity politics. Charges of sexism and racism abound. Two of their leaders are "old white guys"--that is a nice foil, not allowed to fight back. If either win, they would have to pick a woman of color for vice president for double points to cancel this double handicap.

Another perfect storm is brewing for Trump, a candidate that otherwise would not have a chance to win even one presidential election, let alone do it again. All we need to complete this drama is for Hillary to ride in propped up dead on her horse like El Cid to rally the troops.



Presidential revenge

John Deering's graphic statement about an "enemies list" was foretelling of Trump's willingness to extract retribution against anyone who opposes him.

The firing of Colonel Vindman and his brother is only a beginning. "Off with their heads" is the mantra of Trump's dictatorial reign.


Mountain Home

Editorial on 02/11/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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