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For ethical behavior

I truly am disappointed in President Trump because he was given a predictable pass on an action questioned by many citizens as a method of conducting business in representation of our country, including each one of us. He indicates no awareness that we generally want more ethical behavior out of our representatives. Some in Congress seem also to miss the point that the citizens of this country are craving wise and objective bipartisan leadership, especially at the federal level. Instead, President Trump takes the lead again in issuing disparaging, predictably cruel and destructive words and actions to effectively discourage individuals in the future from even legitimately questioning him in any way.

Is this good for the country, or does it just feel good in the moment if one thought the questions were not legitimate or should never have been asked regardless? Does the fact that I wanted to know about this incident mean that I'm evil? Does the fact that I don't want my president using these tactics mean that I'm demented? Is everything really a power play, as some assert? What happened to our values?

Wake up, America. We've never only cared about the bottom line.


Little Rock

Distorted and biased

Once again the media injects opinion into its supposed straight news in reporting on President Donald Trump's celebration speech after his impeachment acquittal. Rather than letting the reader or viewer arrive at his or her own conclusion, the media insist on proclaiming as fact their distorted and biased description of the president's words and demeanor.

It is no wonder there is such disrespect and hatred prevalent in our society today when the leaders of our nation, such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, openly deride and mock the president. All saw her rolling her eyes, sneering as the president gave the State of the Union address, then ripping up the copy of the president's speech as he finished.

What message does this disrespect send to our younger generation?

The media and Democrats assert President Trump is not remorseful for his actions with Ukraine, and compare him to President Clinton, who apologized for his misdeeds with the young intern. As President Trump has said, he has nothing to apologize for. I believe it is the Democrats (and media) who should apologize--for wasting time and money once again on the acquittal fiasco, just as they did in the Mueller persecution. I think what they can't stand is that they lost the election, and with the slate of candidates now being presented, they will lose again.

The nation needs to move forward and solve, or try to solve, the people's problems--rising prescription costs foremost. Our economy is good, and jobs are prevalent. Let the president and the Republicans continue to move us positively.

One other piece of advice: Mitt Romney should be deleted from the Republican Party. He too is a sore loser. His vote on one count to find the president guilty should be a shame to him. I believe it was not religious conviction, but plain and simple jealousy and pettiness. The president was restrained in his celebration speech, and he had every right to present it as he chose.



Game entertainment

I think next year's halftime show at the Super Bowl should be performances by Chris Stapleton and Jimmy Buffett.



Messages we've sent

I would like to speak about the halftime show at the Super Bowl. Yes, it's the biggest televised game of the year. Yes, they desire to make it spectacular. And yes, it could have been just that if Shakira and J. Lo had put on more fully covering costumes.

It is a family show; keep that in mind. Then ask yourself what messages we are sending to our youth.

On the one hand, we've given a huge voice to the #MeToo movement, wanting to give ear to women who think they have been sexually abused, no matter how benignly. I found it quite distasteful in the midst of that movement that Hollywood would produce and J. Lo would proudly star in Hustlers. What message does that send? That if you have been taken advantage of by men (even though you were offering yourself up for that) that you can turn around and be just as predatory upon men? Seriously?

Women want to say, "Well, it shouldn't have anything to do with what we wear." But to do so is to deny the instinctive natural urges of a man, who almost always will take advantage of a blatant opening. But as with all things men, we as a society are trying to castrate it.

We have gone way past the point of basic decency in our society. Until we pull back to some level of decency, I don't think anyone can whine about being taken advantage of.

As I have stated before to this paper, the term "sexual assault" should not be used so loosely. It is an act of violence, involving great force or strength of intensity.



Why do we bother?

We can no longer put glass in recycling carts. The supply of newsprint has drastically decreased. We still save tin cans, plastic jugs and cardboard, but the donation is so small that I put my recycling cart on the curb only once a month. Why bother?

Recycling is still important, but perhaps we no longer need curbside carts. If the city would designate five or six recycling spots, we could carry the refuse there ourselves. Perhaps that would reduce the number of recycling trucks needed. The money saved could result in keeping the libraries open on Sunday, and reopen War Memorial Golf Course.

What do you think, Mayor Scott?


Little Rock

Editorial on 02/12/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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