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Arenal to Rio Celeste

by Janet Carson February 21, 2020 at 9:59 p.m.

We had our bags out and ready for the bus this morning.

While I was helping with the bags, our bus driver Eduardo serenaded me.

We found out what a beautiful voice he has--he sounds like an Italian opera singer!

We loaded up and went to Arenal Volcano National Park where we had a mild hike in the area around the volcano.

Maguil described the plant life,

the soils

and the topography of the area along the way.

We saw some interesting birds,

a giant black squirrel and many interesting plants,

including a wild orchid,

some gesneriads

and others.

The weather gods were with us as it was sunny and mild as we hiked and it started raining only after we were on the bus heading to lunch. The view of the volcano was impressive

(Actually this is a cropped photo from our lunch restaurant from 2008). Here is what we really saw.

We had a wonderful meal

with way more food

than we needed.

We had time to do a little shopping in La Fortuna before loading back on the bus and heading for the Tenorio area and Rio Celeste resort.

It was an easy drive with some nice scenery. We arrived at our resort and were blown away by the accommodations.

We all have our own little villas with outdoor showers

(as well as indoor ones) patios and beautiful plants all around.

There is a lovely pool and hot tubs,

and the dinner

was excellent.

We also had live music all evening

and some of us even had the chance to dance.


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