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That beautiful music

Thank you, Ned Perme, for the beautiful Christmas piano ensemble with vocals on Christmas Eve. Many of us remember your beautiful music and miss it dearly. Blessed New Year for all!


Little Rock

Missed opportunities

I think Joe Biden made a mistake in flatly refusing to honor any Senate subpoena to testify in its trial of Donald Trump. Instead, he should have promised to appear and tell the senators everything he knows about the Trump/Zelensky phone call (probably nothing) as soon as Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, Michael Duffey, and Robert Blair testify about their direct knowledge of the call and related matters. They know if crimes were committed, and they have not been allowed to speak.

On a somewhat unrelated matter, I think journalists missed the ball for a human-interest story at Christmas. How many of the boys and young men languishing in filthy cages on our southern border are named Jesus?


Hot Springs Village

Definition of success

People believe that if a child isn't failing, then they are succeeding. However, if a student is surviving more than thriving, can that be called success?

When my child first started showing signs that he was not excelling in school, I worried that he would fall through the cracks. He wasn't failing his classes, but he was getting by. Since he didn't fall into a specific category, he was often left to learn materials on his own. My child was the child that was in the gray area. Originally recognized to have some reading/articulation issues early on (kindergarten), but then dismissed and cleared from any reading intervention once he was about to start second grade. A year later he was diagnosed with dyslexia.

As a parent, I want my child to have the opportunity to excel just as other children have. Through the Succeed Scholarship, my son now has that opportunity.

This scholarship has given my son the chance to go to a school that fits his needs and allows him to excel in his education. Without the opportunity to go to a school that tailors to my child's learning, I have no doubt that he would still be underperforming and falling behind.

We should not settle for our child's education. Doing just enough shouldn't be acceptable. The Succeed Scholarship has allowed my son to flourish in his education, and he is now successful in his education path.


Little Rock

Mistaken assumption

As a medical professional, I wholeheartedly agree with the gist of the editorial regarding inappropriate use and overuse of antibiotics. However, it had a glaring error early on. It implied that most cases of "strep throat" are caused by viruses, when actually, as per its namesake, strep throat is caused by a bacteria, Streptococcus pyogenes, which is appropriately treated with an antibiotic, usually penicillin. I believe the piece meant to say most "sore throats" are caused by viruses.

Regardless, you are forgiven! I've been preaching about this antibiotic issue for years, mainly to deaf ears, I'm afraid. So I, and most likely all of the medical community, gladly accept any help in getting the message out.



Editorial on 01/01/2020

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