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A trashed landscape

I suppose I should be sending this directly to the Saline County officials, but it is actually a statewide issue: trash on the roadsides, the parking lots, the parks, on and on.

Why do some people who are citizens of our supposedly beautiful state continue to throw out trash, mattresses, furniture and garbage out on the streets and roads of Arkansas?

Please, let's get some answers.



All wearing blinders

A horse will often benefit from blinders in a race to find the finish line. In a human race, we all wear some type of blinders so that we see our own personal finish line. It seems to me to be a shame that we don't see what is left on the sidelines in our rush to finish first.

Forgive me for my generalizations, but if you are currently a Democrat, our blinders limit our exposure to many hardworking good people who feel that their voice is not heard; the majority of gun owners that feel that they deserve their guns (Second Amendment) who might teach their children appropriate gun safety; that the government is approaching socialism with Medicare for all; that climate-change initiatives are a way to curb jobs that affect them now; and many other Republican talking points.

If you are currently a Republican, your blinders limit exposure to many hardworking good people who feel their voice is also not heard; that the U.S. is the most dangerous nation on Earth with military-grade weapons on the street, with maybe 5 to 10 percent of its population with mental illness that can easily obtain these weapons; that the U.S. has the worst medical-care outcomes and is the most expensive of all civilized nations; that supplementing farmers is a socialist idea and that medical care for all is a right (not socialism); that climate change is upon us and any legislation to limit carbon emissions might save our children and grandchildren; as well as many other Democrat talking points.

Remember that blinders limit the ability to see who is left on the sidelines. The question is: Which side cares?



On antibiotic usage

That was an important editorial on antibiotic use and research. However, Streptococcus infection of the upper respiratory area, or "strep throat," is one of the very few common ailments for which antibiotic treatment is indicated.

Is there a prize for being the 200th reader to point out this minor slip?


Little Rock

Editorial on 01/02/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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