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Ethics in government

Our country was founded to represent a strong moral code. It was intended that our government would represent a wide range of occupations and interests: farmers, doctors, landowners, lawyers and businessmen of all types. As a group, they would share a mutual respect for truth, honor, and our American code of conduct.

Today I note that a majority of our politicians are attorneys by trade and background. We have entered into a devious environment where moral ethics hold little or no weight. The question has shifted away from, "Is it right or wrong? to "Is it legal?"

We are a nation of law, to be sure, and that is a good thing. But I would suggest that Lady Liberty holds scales which are meant to maintain the balance between law and justice.

So is there a solution? I believe there is. The era of the professional politician must come to an end. We need to re-establish the diversity of our representation. We must establish term limits.

The incumbents will fight that tooth and nail. They will argue it will diminish efficiency. And it would! But over the long term that just might be a good thing.



How life used to be

When I was a youngster, my friend Mikel and I would go to the movies on Saturday afternoon to see if the damsel in distress would be saved from the villain. She was always safe, no one hurt.

Then we watched cartoons. My favorite was Road Runner and Coyote. Wile E. Coyote was always planning the demise of the Road Runner with the help of the Acme catalog. It never worked. Wile E. was the one under the piano or anvil. Never hurt, just a bent ear perhaps, and another plan in the making.

My friend's favorite was Yosemite Sam, the rootinest, shootinest cowboy with twin six-shooters. His mission in life, as was Elmer Fudd's, was to get the wabbit. Their faces got blackened. Bugs was always happy and eating a carrot.

Then the psychiatrists, psychos and do-gooders decided that cartoons were harmful to the formative brains of American youth. No more pianos or make-believe six-shooters.

To replace the horrors of cartoons we got video games of violence and continuous mayhem, lessons in anatomy by identifying the body parts blown off. Then the movies caught up with ratings no one looked at. The youth of America had something new to pattern life after.

Prime-time TV is now the schoolyard, seven nights of instructions on how to kill off the unsuspecting population. We have SWAT, FBI, Blue Bloods, SEAL Team, Magnum P.I., and three versions of NCIS, and the beat goes on. The youth are taught how to use assault weapons (any weapon painted black) to kill execution-style (any shooting where the victim dies) and then how law enforcement catches them. Pay attention.

Give me my cartoons; send the looneys back to the La-La-Land of their own make-believe world.


Little Rock

National debt grows

How many people have noticed that few Democrats or Republicans in Congress mention our huge national debt that has increased by over $3 trillion since President Donald Trump took office? I personally heard Trump say that if elected he would reduce the debt, which then was $20 trillion. It's now over $23 trillion. This nation has to borrow from China to make payments on the debt. If the largest country in the world ever cut off loaning us money, our nation could go bankrupt.

It seems terrible that we must depend on a communist nation for loans when we reportedly spend more on defense than China, Russia and eight other top industrial nations combined. Our military-industrial complex, in my opinion, calls the shots on military expenditures and Congress, with the exception of GOP Sen. Rand Paul and a few others, does nothing to stop it.

Russia's Vladimir Putin sits back and laughs while we go broke trying to fund 905 military bases around the world. Presidents Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton all made feeble attempts to rein in our military spending, but none was successful because of the industry's power through lobbyists and the pocketbook.

I'm sure all of us want an adequate defense, but money alone won't make it happen.

At least Trump appears to be making an effort to get other nations that we allegedly defend to pay their fair share. I doubt, however, that those who don't pay will be punished.



Heads are in the sand

When I first heard that the Republican Party was changing its mascot from the elephant to the ostrich, I was a little surprised, but if you think about it for a moment, it makes perfect sense. Republicans refuse to see the truth when it stares them in the face. Facts don't mean anything. Climate change--what a joke. Russian interference in our elections--no way, even though every intelligence agency we have said it happened.

To be a good Republican, you apparently have to ignore the facts and be great at making excuses. The impeachment process was a perfect example. We had six diplomats/employees testify as to what Trump said, but that did not matter. The Republicans' answer was to talk loud and bang on their desks. We also learned that if you get a subpoena, you don't have to testify; just tell them the president said you don't have to.

I think the ostrich is the perfect mascot for today's Republican Party.


Little Rock

Editorial on 01/03/2020

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