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I sometimes question how wise it was to put up so many decorations the day I am taking them down.

When you are decorating, there is the excitement of seeing the decorations after a year, and the anticipation of what more is to come. When you take them down, it is not quite as exciting. There is no holiday music running beside you, with visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads. It is which box do they go in, and will I be able to lift that box after it is full? One good thing this year was that I had time to do it on my own. I took the tree down earlier than normal for our New Year's eve event, which did cut down on the workload. We also took the outside stuff down over the weekend. For the inside, I gathered up all the decorations from every room and had them in one big pile, and then I started sorting, wrapping and boxing up.

As I boxed them up, they went outside to the garage, to await their ride up in the versalift later that day.

Once Clay came home, it was easy to get them all up in the attic. That versalift is worth it's weight in gold!

Now the house looks barren.

I have decided to wait on putting up my normal stuff until after everything is clean. Slowly but surely, things are getting back to normal. Maybe I should look into Valentine's decorations?!

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