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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Just like Napoleon? Aggressive actions; Be they friend or foe

January 9, 2020 at 9:01 a.m.

Just like Napoleon?

This idiotic, stupid dingbat in Washington will have us in a war all because he hates Obama and won't listen to our generals. If he doesn't plan it, it's no good. Mr. Know-It-All. Biggest hambone that ever occupied the White House. A draft-dodger trying to act like Napoleon. Whoops, what happened to Napoleon? He had fleas. Kept scratchin' himself under his coat.


Little Rock

Aggressive actions

Once again, the president has used the power of the office to advance his political agenda. Don't get me wrong, I have no love lost for the former Iran general. However, I greatly object to the way the Trump campaign is using it as a fundraising event.

Any time we kill a foreign leader in the way that was done in Iraq, it will be looked at as an act of terror in the worldview. Tremendous negative damage has been done to America's reputation in the region. We should respect that there are ways to help the region recover from "Death to Americans" feelings. Trying to spin it as a fundraiser is not one of them!

Many Republicans are ashamed that their party has been hijacked by this self-centered, self-serving individual. Trump claims he wants U.S. troops out of the Middle East, but this attack creates the opposite effect; we just sent another 5,000 soldiers to the region.

Apparently, Trump will say and do anything to stay in power. Doesn't that worry you at least a little? His actions are a threat to our safety and the American way of life. We must find a way to reel him in. Please call our elected representatives and senators to convey our concern for increased hostilities in the region.

Let Washington know we do not support the aggressive actions of the current administration.



Be they friend or foe

Only Donald Trump could trigger Democrat politicians and their constituents to defend an Iranian terrorist.



Ignorant, offensive

Re Tom Murphy's article Saturday in which he quotes Mississippi State coach Ben Howland comparing the coming SEC basketball season to the Bataan Death March of World War II: This is ignorant and offensive. Both men should be re-educated about the atrocity of this event and others they are too young to remember.

The Bataan Death March must not become trivialized into merely a figure of speech describing a difficult situation ahead in which, as Howland says, there is at least a "chance to win."

Our young men had no chance at all.


Little Rock

No box of chocolates

Hey, Donald--Forrest Gump has said, "Mama says, stupid is as stupid does," and this thing in Iran ain't no box of chocolates!



Middle East conflict

Oh, Iran. Here we stand again, at odds with a longtime foe, guns pointed, bombs hot, rhetoric ablaze. How does it end?

Iran has sponsored terrorism across the Middle East and world for decades now. But, and it is a massive but at that, the United States is not infallible. Years and years of fiery political, military, and economic discourse on the part of both sides has led us to exactly where we are today.

The root of our problems in a modern Middle East derive from the West's inability to understand, or even try to understand, Islamic traditions, culture, and value systems. Conflict in the Middle East was inevitable the day World War I ended, and the Ottoman Empire was split into random pieces promised to friends of the conquering allies at Versailles. At the very least, we should no longer be surprised by the actions of those that have had their livelihoods threatened or destroyed for generations.

Instinctively we claim the right to protect ourselves beyond our own borders simply because we can. It is true, our military stands as the strongest ever, but for the same reasons we are strong, we are weak. We may have a larger gun, but morally speaking, we lack any kind of high ground. And for that, we have helped create the environment we live in.

I cannot speak for Iran or her people. Their actions are also a part of the greater Middle East conflict, but I can only observe and reflect on the actions of my own country. My country has tirelessly colonized every corner of the world, all in the name of democratic globalization and economic freedom, albeit great ideals. But without a clear and concise strategy, understanding those that are different than us, or recognition that the world belongs to all of us, how can we justify yet another military conflict that will have lasting consequences? We can't and we shouldn't. It is time to look within ourselves and see that we have a problem.

Say no to war. Say yes to diplomacy.


Little Rock

Danger at Oaklawn

Just wondered why there has been no big push for a pedestrian bridge across Central Avenue in front of Oaklawn. Having people walk across the busy street seems to end in at least a death a year, and creates large traffic jams in this area. People I have talked to said it's Hot Springs' decision, or is it up to Oaklawn? With all of the new construction going on, we could have had a nice bridge completed by the new racing season.

Come on, where's the common sense?


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 01/09/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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