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Like Teddy Roosevelt

President Trump gets more like Teddy Roosevelt every day. You have to admit that he carries a "big stick." However, he still needs to work on the "speak softly" part of it.

It's too bad that much of the media won't give him credit for doing anything right.

There are times when I think that if he had lunch with Jesus, they would find something to criticize about it.


North Little Rock

An Iranian adventure

President Trump just killed a powerful Iranian general who had led anti-American attacks for over 20 years.

Why now? Why not in the previous three years he has been president? Trump's impeachment trial is about to begin, and what better diversion to lull the American people?

Short-term tactics may backfire on him, though. Are Americans willing to put up with yet another costly Middle East war? Compared to the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which cost close to $6 trillion, 4,000 American lives, and 40,000 wounded, a war with Iran, a bigger and more populous country with ballistic missiles, would spill more American blood and lay waste to more of our treasury.

To add insult to injury, Trump also threatened to destroy Iranian "cultural" sites (actions prohibited by UN rules and military codes) because they are easier targets than legitimate military sites.

These would presumably have included archeological sites like Persepolis, museums, libraries, palaces, tombs, and houses of Muslim, Zoroastrian, and Christian worship, such as the magnificent early 17th century Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Savior in New Julfa, Isfahan.

It seems like Trump is backing down, even as martinets like Senator Cotton indicate approval of this folly, and Representative Womack waffles. I commend Senator Boozman and Representative Hill, as well as Gen. Wesley Clark, who have made their objection to such barbarism public.


Little Rock

About his behavior

Contrary to what some people choose to think, given my long history as a Democrat, I do not hate Donald Trump. Like Nancy Pelosi, I pray for him regularly.

What I cannot abide is his narcissistic, arrogant, petulant, juvenile, bullying, sexist, racist, proudly ignorant, swaggering behavior. Now if he would just work on that.


El Dorado

Editorial on 01/10/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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