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Huntsville 51, Shiloh Christian 40

Josie Sisk had 18 points to lead Huntsville to a 4A-1 Conference victory at home Friday over Shiloh Christian.

The Lady Eagles (4-13, 1-2) slowly pulled away throughout the game, taking a 10-8 lead after one quarter and extending it to 22-18 at halftime and 35-28 after three quarters.

Tanna Wilson added 11 for Huntsville. Madelyn Sestak had 11 and Ryli Russ 10 for Shiloh Christian (8-10, 0-2).

Omaha 53, Bruno-Pyatt 34

Maddy Smith scored 20 of her 24 points in the second half as Omaha knocked off Bruno-Pyatt in a 1A-2 Conference game.

Omaha led 22-17 at halftime and 35-27 after three quarters before outscoring Bruno-Pyatt 18-7 over the final 8 minutes.

Kaiden Carlton added 12 for the Lady Eagles (4-14, 2-5).

Clarksville 58, Morrilton 45

The Lady Panthers took control early and never let up in a 4A-4 Conference win Friday night.

Clarksville (8-9, 4-0 4A-4) led 10-5 after one quarter and 21-12 at halftime.

Abby Domerese scored 22 points to lead the Lady Panthers and Emmaline Rieder scored 17. Kennedy Reel led Morrilton with 12 points.

Rose Bud 36, Valley Springs 31

Rose Bud used a 10-3 run in the fourth quarter to knock off Valley Springs in 3A-1 East Conference action.

Kyndal Rooks led Rose Bud (11-5, 4-2) with 19 points, while Hope Hartle added 17, including five 3-pointers. Maura Moore had nine for Valley Springs (19-5, 4-3).


Shiloh Christian 54, Huntsville 48

Seth Rosenfeld had 30 points as Shiloh Christian grabbed a 4A-1 Conference victory on the road over Huntsville.

Stewart Bivens added 10 for the Saints (8-7, 1-1), who led 24-20 at halftime and 34-30 after three quarters. Kent Mayes led Huntsville (11-5, 2-1) with 13 points, while Hayden Dotson added 11.

Omaha 67, Bruno-Pyatt 27

William Deckelman scored all 18 of his points in the first half as Omaha cruised to a 1A-2 Conference victory over Bruno-Pyatt.

Hunter Isbell and Levi Rogers each added 12 points for the Eagles (11-7, 4-4), who already led 27-12 after one quarter and outscored Bruno-Pyatt 20-4 for a 47-16 halftime cushion.

Valley Springs 74, Rose Bud 26

Trent Trammell had 14 points as Valley Springs extended its winning streak to nine games with a rout of Rose Bud in 3A-1 East Conference action.

Isaac Ragland and Braydon Carnahan each had 13 points for the Tigers (21-2, 7-0).

Bergman 51, Mountain View 37

Bergman needed a fourth-quarter outburst to pull away from Mountain View and win in 3A-1 East Conference action.

Bergman (22-4, 4-1) trailed 19-16 at halftime, but the Panthers bounced back and took a 32-29 lead after three quarters before finishing with a 19-8 run over the final 8 minutes.

Elijah Royce had another double-double to lead Bergman, finishing with 18 points and 13 rebounds.


Bentonville High 64, Rogers Heritage 18

113: Joshua Chester (BENT) def. Adan Garcia (ROHE) (Fall 1:00) 120: Quinn Graves (BENT) over (ROHE) (For.) 126: Jacob Adams (BENT) over (ROHE) (Fall 1:00) 132: Connor Newell (BENT) over Taylor Green (ROHE) (Fall 3:00) 138: Raphael Marascio (BENT) over Clyde Harrier (ROHE) (Fall 3:00) 145: Brody Raines (BENT) over Jaxon Davis (ROHE) (Fall 1:00) 152: Gabe Holley (BENT) over Kadin Lech (ROHE) (Fall 1:00) 160: Garrett Hill (BENT) over Brandon Merida (ROHE) (Fall 1:00) 170: Jose Orellana (ROHE) over (BENT) (For.) 182: Ricky Watkins (ROHE) over Terrin Goforth (BENT) (Fall 3:00) 195: Malachi Goforth (BENT) over Jonathan Trujillo (ROHE) (Fall 3:00) 220: Austin Thompson (BENT) over Moises Duenas (ROHE) (MD 12-4) 285: Riley Hollis (ROHE) over Tyson Wimbley (BENT) (Fall 1:00) 106: Tristan Stafford (BENT) over Trevor Poyner (ROHE) (Fall 1:00)

Bentonville West 55, Rogers Heritage 24

106: Aidan Aulenback (BWHS) over Trevor Poyner (ROHE) (MD 13-4) 113: Charles Easterling (BWHS) over Adan Garcia (ROHE) (Fall 3:11) 120: Tyler Holmes (BWHS) over (ROHE) (For.) 126: Jamon Ireland (BWHS) over Tommy Moreno (ROHE) (Fall 0:39) 132: Zack Ireland (BWHS) over Taylor Green (ROHE) (Fall 0:40) 138: Pauoa Doctorello (BWHS) over Clyde Harrier (ROHE) (Dec 7-6) 145: Daryl Easterling (BWHS) over Jaxon Davis (ROHE) (Fall 1:03) 152: Brady Stafford (BWHS) over Kadin Lech (ROHE) (Fall 2:39) 160: Joshua Puente (BWHS) over Brandon Merida (ROHE) (Fall 2:45) 170: Jose Orellana (ROHE) over Kaden Heintz (BWHS) (Fall 3:50) 182: Sean Russell (BWHS) over Ricky Watkins (ROHE) (Fall 2:52) 195: Jonathan Trujillo (ROHE) over carson caudill (BWHS) (Fall 1:42) 220: Moises Duenas (ROHE) over Davis Blankenship (BWHS) (Fall 1:12) 285: Riley Hollis (ROHE) over Micah Pinales (BWHS) (Fall 5:58)

Bentonville Wet 61, Rogers High 16

113: Charles Easterling (BWHS) over (ROGE) (For.) 120: Tyler Holmes (BWHS) over Nicholas Black (ROGE) (Fall 1:54) 126: Jamon Ireland (BWHS) over (ROGE) (For.) 132: Zack Ireland (BWHS) over Michael Camacho (ROGE) (Fall 0:58) 138: Pauoa Doctorello (BWHS) over Devin Speer (ROGE) (Dec 8-4) 145: Daryl Easterling (BWHS) over Josh Zuniga (ROGE) (MD 14-3) 152: Brady Stafford (BWHS) over Cooper Tillman (ROGE) (Fall 0:39) 160: Joshua Puente (BWHS) over David Martinez (ROGE) (Fall 1:24) 170: Colby Higginbottom (ROGE) over Kaden Heintz (BWHS) (MD 9-1) 182: Sean Russell (BWHS) over Brian Wade (ROGE) (Fall 1:48) 195: Hunter Smith (ROGE) over Carson Caudill (BWHS) (Fall 2:45) 220: Jose Ruiz (ROGE) over Davis Blankenship (BWHS) (Fall 0:14) 285: Micah Pinales (BWHS) over Alex Rodriguez (ROGE) (Fall 2:52) 106: Aidan Aulenback (BWHS) over (ROGE) (For.)


Springdale Bowling Center

High Scores for week ending Jan. 3

MONDAY NIGHT LADIES Bowling Angels: Linda Papczynski 178.

MONDAY NIGHT ALLEY CATS Vital Capacities: Wes Price 245-223-203 (671); Gutter Ballet: Stephanie Yeakley 179; Bowling Bots: Jerry Eagle 207; Bowling Hogs: Theresa Dennis 184; Misfits: Jon Robinson 223; Mine's in the Gutter: Tyler Burson 212.

THURSDAY NITE USBC 5 Guys Trying: Chris Walton 212; The Best Team: John Bright 209, Johnny Doshier 201; The Duds: Crystal Sparks 190, Tyler Burson 245, Eddie Sparks 217 (600); Whatever: Skyler Taylor 215-222 (612), Kevin Taylor 209; Ten Pins: Tyler Hickman 217, Lance Henderson 223 (601); Thunderstruck: Donna Murie 206 (524), Dylan Framstad 222-203-230 (655); Blue Heaven Farms: Brian Smith 242, Marlin Wallace 210; HOLOF: Gary Anderson 202, Chris Sanders, Sr. 226-223; Queens Over Aces: Takoda Knapp 211; 4 Gals & 1 Guy: Becky Sack 180, Mattie Roles 178, Allison Eagle 217; I Don't Give a ****: Justin Upton 200, Chuck Shelton 211, JP Robinson 223-236 (614); It Was What It Was: Deanne Shepherd 188 (507), Tommy Granata 218-224 (627), Brett Granata 212; Becca's Boys: James Simon 203, Coy England 247; Shake N Bake: Dody Nielson 214; Splitz & Giggles: Eric Kienholz 225-226 (622); Spare Parts: Danny Forkner 219, James Ramey 202; Gen X Crew: Geno Fenton 203, Drew Fenton 219, Jobie Vongpraphanh 203, Lonnie Taylor 220; Splits Happens: Bridgette Fenton 190; Poor Joe: Celia Chronister 188, Linda Papczynski 189; The Replacements: David Sparks 224-244-233 (701), Jimmy Keith 202-215.

FRIDAY NIGHT TRIO Split Personalities: Kelli Alderson 177, Jimmy Keith 210; Wild Hogs: Tommy Taylor 247 (620), David Sparks 203; Shenanigans: Randy Foglesong 226-205-204 (635); Springdale Bowl: Wesley Miller 224.

SATURDAY JUNIORS Handicap Hustlers: Malachi Bailey 173; We Don't Know: Jason Burns 190-178 (518); King Pins: Braydon Halbert 175-181-189 (545), Elijah Cousins 197; Les Miserabowls: Michael Trobaugh 208 (510); Kitties: Daniel Eddy 107, Isaac Eddy 185 (513).

SATURDAY PREP/BANTAMS Banana Splits: Kaiden Stewart 117.

Preps Sports on 01/12/2020

Print Headline: Sports roundup


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