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The temperatures did take a nosedive Monday and Tuesday, but at least at my house, most of the plants came through with flying colors. The lowest I got was 23 but it only lasted a few hours, and then it was close to the freezing point. I am not saying it wasn't cold, because it was, but my plants handled it pretty well. Of course, any open azalea blooms were gone and the loropetalum open blooms died back, but more are already out, with more to follow.

My one blooming daffodil took a bit of a hit. The flowers were fine, but the stem bent and did not stand back up,

so it is now gracing my kitchen in a vase.

The winter annuals did great without any protection. They were frozen solid for part of the day and looked pitiful,

but defrosted and kept on growing.

My vegetables and herbs made it through in good shape as well.

There is a little purpling of some of the tips of the leaves of cabbage and broccoli in response to the cold, but it should go away as the weather warms back up.

I was surprised to find some dill had sprouted

and is growing well in amongst the parsley and cilantro. Many plants are definitely ahead of schedule.

My abelia normally retain most of their leaves all winter, but this year the November cold took many of the leaves away, but they are beginning to leaf back out.

Our gardens are definitely coming alive. It was a beautiful day in the garden on Saturday, with mild temperatures by mid-day. In looking at the week ahead it appears that we are cool, but not much below freezing in central Arkansas, and that seems to be true for NW Arkansas as well. Can we hope that this recent cold snap is the end for the year? Who knows. I would continue to pay attention to the date and not push things too much. There is plenty we can be doing in the garden without doing spring chores.

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