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July 19, 2020 at 2:24 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 15-June 19:

Plateau Vue, LLC to Six BVDRLR, LLC, 6 Broadview Drive, Little Rock, Pt N/2 SW NE 36-2N-13W, $1,780,851.

William C. and Corinne L. Beck to HRA, LLC, 5414 Sherwood Road, Little Rock, Plots 161 & 162, Prospect Terrace No.2, $800,000.

Jeffrey L. and Nancy E. Taylor to John and Gretchan Jennings, L5 B5, River Valley View Estates, $748,000.

HA Custom Homes, LLC to Kanti T. and Nila K. Sharolia and The Sharolia Living Trust, 419 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L2 B101, Chenal Valley, $714,000.

Sharon Ann Adkins and The Robert R. Adkins Revocable Trust to J. Campbell 615 Holdings, LLC, 12 Adkins Court, Little Rock, L12R, Adkins Estates Replat, $675,000.

Smart Development, LLC to Susan Elaine Harley, 6409 Beacon St., Little Rock, L52, Westover Hills, $522,582.

Charlet Priest to John D. and Jessica P. Baker, 16 Bayonne Court, Little Rock, L29 B25, Chenal Valley, $455,000.

Timothy A. and Lea H. Lundy to Kenneth G. and Amber Singleton, 11516 Happy Valley Drive, Little Rock, L18R B24, Pleasant Valley Replat, $452,000.

Rector Phillips Morse, Inc. to Merri Chandler, 25 Belles Fleurs Circle, Little Rock, L12, Belles Fleurs, $446,000.

Christopher R. and Ashley Y. Caldwell and The Caldwell Family Trust to Raymond F. and Lindsey Keaster Galloway, 3211 Imperial Valley Drive, Little Rock, L14 B31, Pleasant Valley, $442,000.

RJS Home Services, LLC to Jill and Jay Tuck, 921 Midland St., Little Rock, L12 B8, East Pulaski Heights, $440,000.

Terry A. and Candace L. Davis to Matt and Jennifer Leigh Gross, 7 Gelan Court, Little Rock, L4 B27, Chenal Valley, $419,000.

Debora D. and Christopher M. Triggs Jr., to Hossein Seivani and Sanaz Ameli, 7 Miramar Court, Little Rock, L14 B109, Chenal Valley, $415,000.

Hartness Construction Co. Inc. to The Bonnie P. Harvey Revocable Trust, L45, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $415,000.

Walter C. Coleman III., Charles T. Coleman and The Estate Of Walter C. Coleman Jr., (Dec'd) to Diane M. Ravnik and The Diane M. Ravnik Trust, 15 Cascades Drive, Little Rock, L30 B2, Pleasant Valley, $395,000.

Jim Pace Homes, LLC to Charles K. and Sheila Webb Cofield, 146 Caurel Circle, Little Rock, L49 B56, Chenal Valley, $390,650.

Julie A. and The Julie A. Nick Trust to Yosef Kramer and Chaya M. Climent-Kramer, 11503 Rocky Valley Drive, Little Rock, L8 B25, Pleasant Valley, $386,000.

Louis E. and Martha K. Williams to Joe Clyde and Janice Caillouet Tate, 9925 Hickory Heights Loop, Sherwood, L111, Miller Heights Phase III, $385,000.

Edward W. Ganis Jr., to Aaron C. and Leslie A. Kyer, 3208 Rock Springs Drive, Sherwood, L9 B3, Creekside, $380,000.

Doug and Alison Wasson to John and Lauren Kincannon, 14017 Longtree Drive, Little Rock, L104, Longlea Manor, $356,240.

Preston J. and Amber C. Brown to Shannon and Angela Almond, 136 Miramar Drive, Maumelle, L114, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $340,000.

Ralph Bradbury to Lauren Thompson and Ralph Edward Bradbury Jr., 11 Buckland Road, Little Rock, L261, Cypress Point West, $335,000.

James Roeder and The James Roeder Living Trust to Amanda J. Stolarz and Daniel K. Fil, 1510 Milligan Drive, North Little Rock, L1585-R, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $326,000.

Kevin Eugene and Cynthia Louise Sauer to Ryan S. Waddell and Jacob D. DeBord, 16325 Pride Valley Road, Little Rock, L10, Oak Hill Estates Section A, $322,250.

Steven W. and Cynthia K. Spears to Audrey Catherine and John Rolfe Eldridge IV., 8132 Toltec Drive, North Little Rock, L33 B6, Windsor Valley, $320,000.

BLCK Enterprises, LLC to Humphrey Tayong Tekum, 119 La Marche Place, Little Rock, L9R, Lamarche Place Villas Replat, $319,900.

Edward G. Clark Jr., Edward R. Clark Jr., and Amy K. Clark to Jason Edwards, 1 Briar Patch Court, Little Rock, L1, Brodie Creek Community, $315,900.

Chad R. Forshee to Tammy Williams, 39 Deerberry Forest Circle, Little Rock, L131, Brodie Creek Community, $314,000.

Wayne E. and Karen L. Carlin to Christopher and Jennifer Orman, 6911 Ferndale Cutoff Road, Little Rock, Pt SW NE 20-2N-14W, $312,000.

Christopher W. and Amy J. Randall to Muhammet Yavuz and Siddika Bayhan, 18 Cobblestone Way, Little Rock, L15, The Ranch, $302,000.

Leandro Moraes to William Kurt and Rebecca Walker Boggan and The Boggan Revocable Trust, 6 Forest Valley Lane, Little Rock, L22, Forest Valley, $300,000.

Todd and Rachel Dutton to George Taylor Condrey, 117 Illinois Bayou Drive, Sherwood, L9 B34, Overbrook, $299,000.

Kathy and Bruce Bender to Edward L. and Heather G. Land, 2311 Arkansas Valley Drive, Little Rock, L26 B41, Pleasant Valley, $297,000.

The Ferguson Group, Inc. to Angela and Mathew Shadwick, 9509 Meadow Oak Drive, Sherwood, L53, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $279,900.

Gregory S. and Denise Purtle to Naomi Lambert, 110 Trelon Way, Little Rock, L5 B49, Chenal Valley, $279,000.

Michael Conner Lewis to Omar Acosta, Elizabeth Hanson and Ernie F. Soto Jr., 515 Mcadoo St., Little Rock, Ls10-11 B29, Success, $258,000.

Michael D. Elliott to Frederick L. and Mary Martha Dust, 9249 Meadow Gardens Circle, Sherwood, L15, Millers Glen, $249,900.

Michelle Walters/Michelle Lynn Hernandez to Trevor Louis Massanelli, 57 Waters Edge Drive, Little Rock, L102, Waters Edge Phase 2, $247,500.

Riviera Partners, LLC to David and Lila P. Ashmore, 3700 Cantrell Road, Unit 605, Little Rock, Unit 605, Riviera HPR, $245,000.

Charles H. Rodgers and The Rodgers Family Trust to Abbey and Richard Lee Atwill III., 2816 Circlewood Road, Little Rock, L158, Kingwood Place, $242,500.

Charles Andrew Boyd to Charlie Butler, 10 Pinnacle Point, Little Rock, L5, Shannon Hills East, $241,000.

Daniel Burdick to Daniel Gentry, 7500 Vesta Drive, Little Rock, Pt NE NW 36-1N-14W, $240,000.

John Allen and Elizabeth A. Jenkins to Andrew and Tara May, 6805 Incas Drive, North Little Rock, L15 B28, Indian Hills, $239,500.

Doyle E. and Marcia F. Adams to Patrick Dennis, 2 Cimarron Valley Drive, Little Rock, L19 B33, Pleasant Valley, $239,000.

Kazim and Hatice Duygu Baser to Samuel Alexander Watson, 5 Longtree Court, Little Rock, L176, Secluded Hills Phase IV, $236,000.

Robert P. and Lisa R. Quenzler to Clark and Kimberly Sims, 7508 Eagle Point Drive, North Little Rock, L11 B62, Indian Hills, $234,900.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Rachael Ann Kunkel, 74 Saffron Circle, Little Rock, L5 B3, Parkside At Wildwood, $234,150.

Alexander and Gentry Richardson to Jacob T. and Jamie R. White, 6908 Ponderosa Drive, North Little Rock, L8 B25, Indian Hills, $232,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Mitzi Roberts, L6 B3, Parkside At Wildwood, $228,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Pam Brandon, L7 B3, Parkside At Wildwood, $228,000.

Kristi J. and Justin A. Moss to Brenda Elaine Jones, 8826 Williams Road, Sherwood, L31, Pine Valley Estates, $225,000.

Norma J. James and The Norma J. James Living Trust to PB General Holdings (Little Rock), LLC, 18400 Colonel Glenn Road, Little Rock, Pt SW SW 11-1N-14W, $218,000.

Amy M. and Alton L. White Jr., to Aryene Cezar Azevedo-Delgado, 3200 Overcup Drive, Sherwood, L6, Overcup Ridge, $217,800.

U.S. Dept. Of Housing And Urban Development to Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, 5517 McMurtrey Drive, North Little Rock, Pt N/2 NE 18-2N-12W, $217,023.

Steve and Martha Morgan to Chauntea Renee McClendon, 56 Vantage Drive, Maumelle, L37, Woodland Heights, $215,000.

Stuart and Courtney Pearson to Jennifer Rose Bromm, 14705 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L31 B4, Sandpiper West, $214,000.

Laura Rebecca Thompson and The Thompson Family Trust to Gregory A. and Melody Mattson, 2714 Millbrook Road, Little Rock, L386, Colony West 5th, $214,000.

Virginia Burgess to Greg and Julie Curtis, Pt SE NE 22-2N-15W, $210,000.

Robert W. and Bethany Mooney to LeeAnn and Seth Michael Rahe, 7608 Eagle Point Drive, North Little Rock, L15 B62, Indian Hills, $210,000.

John Timothy Guire to Benjamin D. and Karen W. Saxon, 51 Nob View Circle, Little Rock, L249, Leawood Heights 3rd $208,000.

Alamelu and Vasanth Annamaiai to Coby D. Wolfe, 724 N. Pierce St., Little Rock, Ls19-20 B11, Lincoln Park, $207,500.

Steven Michael and Pamela Amelia Evans to H22 Music Store, LLC, Ls3-4 B8, Crestview; Pt NE NW 30-3N-10W, $201,000.

Ott Service Co., Inc. to Tony Aaron and Charlotte N. Highfill, Pt E/2 Section 33-2N-10W, $200,000.

Brooks and McKinsey Jansen to Vicki L. Jett, 8114 Leatrice Drive, Little Rock, L24-R, Leatrice Replat No.1- Sheraton Park Section B, $194,900.

Christopher Raper to Helen R., Joseph Steven and Margaret Elizabeth Wilkinson, 5116 Woodlawn Drive, Little Rock, L10 B31, Pulaski Heights, $190,000.

Charles Williams DuVal to John W. Ramsey and The Ramsey Joint Revocable Trust, L8 B26, Pulaski Heights, $189,900.

Stephen B. and Deborah A. Staples to Sarah Katherine and Ronald Laverne Moore III., 8012 Crystal Valley Cove, Little Rock, L6, HB Henderson, $189,000.

Kevin Solomon to Nicole Beck, 1505 Ellen Court, Little Rock, L179, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $187,500.

Wesley Harrison and Marcy Miller Mayes to Elizabeth Scripsick, 1811 Point West Drive, Little Rock, L14 B3, Cherry Creek, $185,000.

Brian Russell and Randi Smith to Megan Elizabeth Cowling, 1808 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L62, Point West 3rd Phase 2B, $182,500.

Chad and Natasha Moreau to Cynthia R. Hunter and William Lee Hart Jr., 5709 Flight Court, Jacksonville, L41, Base Meadows Phase 1B, $181,800.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Dakota Dively Hamilton, 5313 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L7, Jaxon Terrace Phase XII, $180,500.

Sharon Harris to Patricia Sue Irby, 15 Golden Oaks Cove, Maumelle, L77, Garden Oaks, $179,500.

Johnson And Sorensen Properties, LLC to Sydney Rasch, 544 Skyline Drive, North Little Rock, L38 B107, Park Hill NLR, $179,000.

Kailen Michelle Daniel to Delta R. Williams, L164, Riverland, $179,000.

Julie Rae and Steven Paul Gingras to Joshuah Reeves and Amanda J. Daniel-Reeves, 18 Silver Ridge Cove, North Little Rock, L4, Silveridge, $177,000.

John Fitzgerald to Jonathan and Melexia Massey, 5708 Trammel Estates Drive, Sherwood, L33, Trammel Estates Phase I, $177,000.

Leigh Ann Hicks and The Estate Of Bobbie Hesterly(dec'd) to Kortney E. Gold and Zachary Strange, 8 Brookfield Cove, Little Rock, L11, Brookfield Section A, $177,000.

Jesska and Angelo R. Hampton to Kevonte Coplin, 6300 Skylark Court, Sherwood, L6, Trammel Estates Phase I, $175,500.

Jonathan and Christa Loyd and Christa Aylesworth to Shannon Lynne Loyd, 116 Shady Drive, Maumelle, L85, Pleasantwood, $175,000.

Jennifer L. and Damon C. Willis to Winter Michelle Milholland, 161124 Cooper Orbit Road, Little Rock, L2, Spring Valley Manor, $173,000.

OCG Acquisitions, GP to Seth Michael and Alexandra Kris Lynch, 3514 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, L9 B7, Beach, $172,500.

Becky R. Tanner to Brent N. Phillips, 2 Turtle Creek Court, Little Rock, L2, Turtle Creek, $170,000.

Samuel R. Jackson to Scott Kevin Smith, 7001 Lucerne Drive, Little Rock, L199, Briarwood Replat, $169,500.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Tanumafill and Neriflorence Seanoa, 6709 Red Bud Court, North Little Rock, L626, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $168,800.

Rodney Akins and The Estate Of Edmond Fingers to Lakia Lynn Aytch, 2307 Forest Creek Drive, Little Rock, L40 B3, Sandpiper West, $168,000.

Lindsay M. Malatesta to Caitlin E. Bennett, 802 Hall Drive, Little Rock, L19, Hall Plaza, $167,000.

Gloria Lynn Nethercutt and The Gloria Lynn Nethercutt Revocable Trust to Abbey Lauren Trussell, 1312 Green Mountain Drive, Little Rock, L467, Pleasantree 1st Replat- Morgan, $165,700.

Markisha Cole to Sarah Nicole and William Colton Swan, 48 Wedgeside Drive, Little Rock, L80, Wedgewood Creek Phase II, $165,500.

Barbara A. Kemp to Louis D. Wolters Jr., 6 Manor Circle, Little Rock, L9, Spring Valley Manor, $165,500.

Brock A. and Renee M. Warford/Renee M. Powell to Christian Martin and Erika Margaret Eisenring, 26 Crownpoint Road, Little Rock, L259, Colony West 3rd, $165,000.

Mary Katherine Bentley to Michelle K. Stewart, 3213 N. Cypress St., North Little Rock, L23 B28, Park Hill NLR, $165,000.

Freddie M. Brown to Annie and Jeremy Beus, 12380 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L32 B4, Walton Heights, $164,900.

Gail and The Gail Ott Revocable Trust to Jeff and Bonnie Switzer, L13 B2, Windridge, $161,000.

RCF Corporation to RO Management, LLC, L195, Cammack Woods, $160,000.

Christopher James and Elizabeth Cameron to Craig Custom Construction, LLC, L273, Cammack Wood, $160,000.

Marissa Boggs/Marissa Riley to Collette M. Tilly, 1520 Calgary Cove, Little Rock, L34, Point West 3rd Phase 2B, $160,000.

Grant A. and Hillary J. Lewis to Clint S. and Amy V. Ramey, 2202 Pear Orchard Drive, Little Rock, L140, Sandpiper Phase II, $160,000.

Patricia S. Irby to Wesley Tyler Reeves, 12230 Maryland Place, Sherwood, L35, Maryland Place, $157,500.

Clark R. and Kimberly Sims to Sarah E. Ocasio, 5137 Glenmere Road, North Little Rock, L17 B7, Lakewood, $155,000.

Halloran Investments, LLC to Jerry Dale Johnson, 14806 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock, Ls26-28, Forest Dale, $155,000.

Emily M. Davis to Delores Jean White, 123 Skyline Drive, North Little Rock, Ls6-7 B3, Crestview, $154,900.

Donna S. and Louis Douglas Wolters Jr., to Nicole Ann and Vincent John D'Andrea, 1601 Calgary Traitates Phase VI-B $153,800.

Eloizia and Joseph W. Stuart Jr., to Austin Lynn Teer Brookings, 14109 Chesterfield Circle, North Little Rock, L16 B5, Stone Links, $151,500.

Stefan Eiermann to Alicia Dawn Ketron, 47 Perin Road, North Little Rock, L15 B11, Green Hills, $150,500.

REI Nation, LLC to Amelia Siu-Kwan Yeung and The Amelia Siu-Kwan Yeung Trust, 8407 W. Woodview Drive, Sherwood, L72, North Hills Manor No.2, $150,000.

Jacob and Jamie R. White/Jamie R. Moore to Cody Dewayne Hogg and Cara G. Pozza, 4808 N. Locust St., North Little Rock, L9 B71, Park Hill NLR, $150,000.

Walter D. and Rhonda G. Davidson to Larry Wayne Gough, 1609 Calgary Trail, Little Rock, L11, Point West 3rd Phase I, $150,000.


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