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Whose America is it?

One of President Trump's ads shows video of recent looting and rioting, then warns us we won't be safe in Biden's America.

Hmmm? I'm quite certain that video was captured in Trump's America.


Little Rock

Horrors of democracy

The Democrat-Gazette reported that mail-in ballot applications mailed to active registered voters for Georgia primary elections produced very high turnout, especially for Democrats. A Georgia House committee forthwith approved legislation to outlaw such a heinous (my word, used sarcastically) act of democracy.

With refreshing candor, the House speaker said mail-in voting "will be extremely devastating to Republicans and conservatives" in the general election.

There it is. A heartfelt lament that high voter turnout is "devastating to Republicans." The confession renders moot posturing about possible fraud or the obligation to stand in a line, no matter how long, and wait your turn to be examined and deemed worthy of a ballot. Significant fraud is unproven, but discrimination against poor and minority voters is built in to the current administration of Arkansas elections.

Evidence from Georgia and other states is clear that mailing applications for mail-in ballots increases voter turnout with no increase in fraud.

Opposition to this proven, secure, common-sense, money-saving method to facilitate voting hearkens back to Jim Crow. Jim Crow was a blackface (a white man wearing black makeup) vaudeville character whose bumbling image was gleefully used to represent Blacks and justify racist laws. What fun!

Elected representatives and voters, reject the Jim Crow revival, confess your sins against democracy, and repent! Judgment is nigh.

P.S. This is indeed a slippery slope toward rampant democracy. Next: Respect prisoners as citizens and encourage them to participate in society by voting--by mail.



New name for team

Now that the NFL's Washington #^$*&@!s have decided to change their name, we've seen and heard a number of suggestions as a suitable replacement, all of which seem rather lame to me. I believe they need to adopt a bolder, more menacing name suitable for the gridiron, and suggest they consider calling themselves the Washington Peaceful Protesters.

The name alone should strike fear and dread in the hearts of their opponents.




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