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Might history repeat?

The article on the Rebel slant in history books and the Lost Cause movement and subsequent rewrite by revisionist historians setting the record straight about the various terror groups' activities in the name of what they considered a just cause made me wonder if there will be 22nd century revisionist historians who will find it necessary to set the record straight about various early 21st century terror groups' rioting, tearing down monuments, vandalizing buildings, desecrating graves, looting, and arson in the name of what they considered a just cause.


Little Rock

The hard of hearing

I wear a mask when I go out because I know that it greatly reduces the possibility of transmitting the virus. But I have a problem: I'm hard of hearing. It's an inconvenience I've learned to live with, as my hearing aids are sufficient in most situations, but I rely largely on lip-reading, and when people's mouths are covered, I can't read their lips.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, "Masks attenuate sound by 3-12 decibels and also result in low-pass filtering of high-frequency sounds, making it more difficult to understand speech and some higher-pitched voices." Not only is volume lower, speech is muffled, and "masks remove the ability to see facial expressions, which augment communication."

Approximately 600,000 people in the United States are deaf, and the Survey of Income and Program Participation shows that about 10 million Americans are hard of hearing. That's a lot of people.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires accommodations for people with disabilities, but I don't know how this disability can be overcome during the pandemic. It would be helpful if everyone wore masks with a transparent section over the mouth, but that isn't likely to happen.

At the very least, it will be helpful if people acknowledge that some of us can't understand them when they are wearing masks and make allowances for us. Be patient with us when we ask you to repeat over and over! I may start wearing a sign around my neck saying, "I can't hear you."

I hope some creative person solves this dilemma for the sake of the millions like me who are even more isolated now than other people.



Be of use to Arkansas

In regard to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge's proposal to run for governor, we see that she is already quite busy burning up taxpayer dollars by starring in self-serving TV commercials and also trying to strip health care away from thousands of people. If she sincerely wants to be of use to her fellow Arkansans, perhaps she will consider moving out of our state.


Little Rock

Please explain it to us

Would prejudiced John Brummett and Philip Martin or someone better qualified explain how and why Joe Biden would be a better president of the United States of America? And please be positive; Americans would really like to know


North Little Rock

Not the USA I know

What's happening in this country when nonviolent protesters are assaulted by armed unidentified federal officers (assuming they are law enforcement officers)? What's happening in this country when the president decides it is necessary to send federal law enforcement officers to cities he has deemed as hot spots for trouble?

What's happening in this country when the president decides the medical experts are wrong and he knows the coronavirus will just disappear?

What's happening in this country when members of the armed forces are reportedly targeted for assassination by members of the Russian intelligence services and the president does nothing?

What's happening when a sitting president does not seem to be willing to accept the will of the people should the election not be favorable to him? What's happening in our country when elected officials idly sit by and offer no objections to the president's behavior?

It appears our fragile democracy is under threat by forces from within that are determined to take control from the people. When asked, the current batch of officials knows what's best for us. Never mind the fact they are not elected but serve at the whim of a man who has little regard for the truth or the Constitution. It is time to further organize and remove from positions of power those who object to the will of the people. Waiting for the current batch of elected politicians to become enlightened is not an option.

This is the United States of America and not a dictatorship. It is time for representative leadership that resembles all of us.


Little Rock

When insanity exits

The pretender in the White House has implied that he won't accept the election result if he loses. He'd like to blame it on mail-in voting. It seems that mail-in voting is just fine when he and other Republicans do it. It's only fraudulent when Democrats do it. This is the same president who was only too happy to accept Russian help in getting him elected in the first place. So, we have a president who many believe was fraudulently elected who's threatening a temper tantrum if he's not fraudulently elected again.

The year 2021 can't come soon enough. This insanity needs to go away. Hopefully the whole grifting clan will seek sanctuary in Russia, or, even better, North Korea.



Sports in a pandemic

The following is based on the likelihood of the pandemic continuing and even getting worse. We all want the return of our favorite college sports, but how is that achieved safely during this pandemic? I suggest there is a solution that will bridge the gap, but I am sure there are unseen obstacles such as TV contracts, etc. May I suggest the following?

  1. No ticket sales to the public. Only students and athletes' families are permitted in the stadium where social distancing is required unless masks are being worn.

  2. Games are broadcast in a pay-per-view format.

This format provides safety, income and some live attendance background noise while allowing fans and players access to the game they want to view and play.




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