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We all have our favorite gardening tools, the one we go to when we have specific tasks to do. My yard has been notoriously difficult to dig in, and I have often resorted to a pick to get a hole dug. That is, until I got the root slayer shovel.

I bought it from County 76 merchandise. (County 76 is the statewide Master Gardener advisory group, and they have a committee that sells garden gadgets to raise funds for the organization.) They sell 3 sizes, but my son got even a larger one for his birthday.

He likes the shovel size for moving soil, but thinks mine is easier when making the holes. The round ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use as well.

Everyone that has seen mine, wanted one, so I ordered a bunch from County 76 and they came in last week. I went to pick up my order and as a bonus, got to tour Juanita’s lovely garden.

It is a small garden, but perfectly planted

with annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees, with both shade

and sun plants,

plus some wonderful statuary and garden art. Delightful.

Her collection of caladiums

has given me an idea for my garden for next year. So, not only did I get some great gardening tools, but I got to talk gardening. An added bonus.

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