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WALLY HALL: For the love of all things baseball

by Wally Hall | July 28, 2020 at 4:24 p.m.

Of all the sports, it would seem baseball would have been the most likely to have success during the coronavirus.

The players are yards apart on defense.

Granted the batter, catcher and umpire are a little close, but none are facing each other.

Yet less than a week after its return the Miami Marlins are having to quarantine themselves after several players and other personnel tested positive for covid-19.

It appears they simply would not stay apart in the dugout while on offense.

One player at bat and the rest of them crowded up against the rail inches apart.


For the love of all things baseball, why couldn’t they just position themselves so they are not in each other’s face?

Yes, young people are less afraid of this virus than older people, but this was the return of sports.

The whole world was watching and hoping for success.

What chance does basketball have where three and four players are in each other’s face several dozen times a game?

Football is worse, they tackle and pile on.

This was the first experiment of sports in baseball and the players just couldn’t play it safe.

One can only wonder if this will weigh on the mind of SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, athletic directors and presidents as they prepare to deliver their decision about football this fall.


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