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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Do what's best for all | Fossil-fuel subsidies | Reconsider the policy

July 30, 2020 at 3:19 a.m.

Do what's best for all

Why do right-wing extremists in the Arkansas Legislature seem to think they are immune from emergency proclamations by the governor?

Personally, I don't like to wear masks, but during the corona crisis, if the governor says wear them because they save lives, I will do so where required.

Neither do I like seat belts, but I know they save lives, so I will wear them.

I also believe liability insurance should not be required for drivers, but it's the law so I purchase it.

We are a nation of laws, and without their enforcement we could have anarchy.

Let's be thankful we have a governor that listens to all sides before making difficult decisions.

Having been a mayor (three times), I know you can't please everyone, but you must listen and then do what you believe is best for all the people.



Fossil-fuel subsidies

It is ironic that, though many politicians express devotion to a market-oriented economy, they disrupt energy markets by "holding their thumbs on the scale" maintaining huge subsidies for the fossil-fuel industry. In a report by Oil Change International for 2017, it was stated that direct U.S. subsidies amounted to $21 billion.

Direct subsidies are mostly in the form of tax deductions to reduce federal taxes. These include drilling costs, resource depletion, and investment credits. More detail is available from the Environmental and Energy Studies Institute.

Indirect subsidies include legal accounting loopholes, foreign tax credits, legal incorporation loopholes and free use of our nation's waters and air as a sewage system for their pollutants.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 (HR763) is a bill that requires that the fossil-fuel companies pay for the abuse of our environment. This is not a tax on people. Though energy prices will rise, the revenue collected will be returned to us monthly. Each of us should work for Congress to pass this legislation. And it goes without saying, fossil-fuel subsidies should be ended.



Reconsider the policy

I was dismayed to read that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is going along with The Associated Press in capitalizing the word "Black" but not the word "white." I thought we were all trying to make things equal for everyone, and then you come along and divide us as a people even more.

How are we going to all belong to one race, the human race, when others keep trying to divide us and make us "different" instead of the "same" and "equal"? Please reconsider this policy. I feel this is hindering us trying to become one.


Bella Vista

Biden understands

In answer to Gordon Swaim's question in his letter: Joe Biden would be a better president because he understands how government works, he knows history, and he knows the Constitution, none of which the current president has given signs of knowing or understanding. Biden would never say the president "can do anything" he wants because he is the president.

Biden has true empathy for the suffering or grieving; Donald Trump seems incapable of empathy for anything beyond his own interests. Biden will not use his position to denigrate the handicapped. He will respect other countries, including those that Trump has referred to as s*holes. Biden will not insult longtime allies of the United States, nor will he uplift and have a bromance with ruthless, murdering dictators

Biden will listen to advisers and scientists. He doesn't have an ego that will lead to his firing anyone who disagrees with him so that maybe there could be some stability in the administration. Biden will use language to uplift and unite, not insult and tear down. Trump promised to build a wall and he has indeed done so, but not the wall promised; it is a wall built of disrespect, distrust, and scorn. He is tearing this beautiful but flawed country apart with his snarling tweets, his base behavior and ego-driven bragging.

There are many more reasons Biden will be a better president. He will work to heal the wounds and patch the damaged international relations the United States is enduring as the rest of world looks at us with pity and amazement that such could happen here in the once most admired and copied country in the world.



Create a better future

Make great again = Go back. Let's not go back, let's go forward. Let's go toward justice.

Prevailing narratives of history should be factual and not fictional. You can't create love of country with fiction. Fictitious history is propaganda. Our system is redeemable by speaking truths and proceeding to affect change for the goodness of all by admitting faults and growing toward a better way of life.

The role of slavery and inequality have been overlooked throughout our history. We were once a nation built upon the sweat of slaves and still are suffering under inequities to our laborers. We now should be a nation that sweeps sanctimonious falsehoods away and allows truth to create liberty, justice and freedom for all. We need legislation to fund corrected, truthful history curricula for our children to help heal the wounds of our past and create a better future for all.




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