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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Careful who you hurt | Shift funding on roads | A lesson for senator

July 31, 2020 at 3:09 a.m.

Careful who you hurt

A recent Voices writer facetiously implied that AOC should be thankful for the publicity she received after a demeaning sexist attack on the steps of the Capitol by Florida Congressman Ted Yoho. Really? Not agreeing with her politics is certainly the writer's prerogative. But in this instance, rude behavior by Yoho created an opportunity for rube humor by the writer.

Shortly after the confrontation, Yoho, realizing his shameful stupidity, offered a farcical apology, which reinforced his own questionable character. And yes, I can see how AOC's composed, eloquent speech (which followed Yoho's "apology") could be intimidating to some "little folks."

Four days after this old feller talking "a little mean," there was more fallout. Bread for the World, a Christian hunger relief organization, canned Yoho from its board of directors.

So what can we take from this little fracas? Beware of who you bully. Instead, open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. The very people you so naïvely ridicule could be harbingers of a whole new 21st century revolution and revival.


Little Rock

Shift funding on roads

In 2019 the Arkansas Legislature passed Act 416, signed by the governor, which set the new tax rate for gasoline (24.5 cents per gallon) and diesel fuel, and included a $200 per year additional fee for electric vehicles to be paid at annual vehicle registration. A small gasoline-powered car which gets 33 mpg and is driven 13,500 miles would use 409 gallons of gas and pay only $100.20 per year in fuel taxes. This approximately $100 per year penalty on electric vehicles will discourage the use of electric vehicles, result in increased unnecessary burning of fossil fuels and increased pollution, and send a message to the world that the Natural State does not care about the environment.

The main causes of damage to our roads are weight, weather, and repetition (miles driven). As the world transitions from gas to electric vehicles over the next 10 to 20 years, the funds needed for road maintenance must also transition from fuel taxes to other sources. I suggest funding for road maintenance be based on the weight of vehicles and miles driven, because the vehicles that do the most damage to roads should pay more to maintain those roads. A penalty on electric vehicles is a horrible first step in this transition of funding.

The governor and next Legislature should show the world that they care about the environment of the Natural State by removing the penalty on electric vehicles and shifting the source of funding for road maintenance to those vehicles that cause the most damage to the roads and the most harm to the environment.


Little Rock

A lesson for senator

If Tom Cotton doesn't believe that his remark concerning slavery does any harm, let him learn to pick and chop cotton in the hot sun for his family to survive.


North Little Rock

For a positive future

In response to Gordon Swaim's "Please explain it to us" letter, I'll confess that my opinion is no more qualified than anyone else's, but to explain how Joe Biden would be a better president, I'd say the act of drawing a breath would top that very low hurdle.

Numerous editorials have opined on Trump's lack of empathy, compassion, ability to tell the truth (20,055 false or misleading claims in his 1,267 days in office as of July 13, according to The Washington Post database), admiration for fascist dictators, cronyism, megalomaniac narcissism, and racism ... and the list goes on, so I won't add to it.

Joe Biden may not be my first choice, but he is a known quantity and he's not Trump! Soon everyone will be in that voting booth, or filling out that mail-in ballot. Hopefully, they will be making their decision as to what direction we as Americans want to see our country go. Will it be more scandals and ineptitude with Trump, or a more cohesive foreign and domestic policy that doesn't alienate our historic allies?

Myself, I'm voting for a positive future and checking the Biden box.

Oh, and Leslie Rutledge, shame on you for spending my money, our money on your campaign ads disguised as a Rutledge Report PSA. Tom Cotton, what a disgrace to Arkansans and Americans, who is already running for president in 2024. For such an intelligent man it's sad that the Trump virus has affected his sense of duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.


Bella Vista

Equal treatment of all

Martin Luther King said that he dreamed of a day when a man would be judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. I too hope that day comes and think the world would be a better place if we were all colorblind when it comes to race.

However, it doesn't help to heal divisiveness when organizations exist for only one race, such as the African American Coaches Association, Miss Black America Pageant, Black Entertainment Television and such. Now The Associated Press and other news organizations have a policy to capitalize the word Black in describing a person, but white remains in lowercase. Actions such as this tend to keep the emphasis on race and, in my opinion, perpetuate divisiveness. There should be equal treatment of all races in every respect.



The vanishing breed

May God bless historians!


North Little Rock


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