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How many of you were surprised by the rumble of thunder and a sudden downpour Saturday night? I didn't know rain was predicted, and I had just watered everything that afternoon. Then I got .4 inches of rain from 10 p.m. until 11. The plants were well-watered, which saved me from having to do any watering on Sunday, but I have already watered this morning. Looking at the week ahead, the hose will be my friend (along with my sprinkler system). I don't see much of a chance of rain in the forecast and highs in the upper 80's to mid 90's. It is June in Arkansas. I have a lot of containers on the deck and they dry out daily.

Smaller pots need a drink more readily than large ones, but they all need some water when it is in the 90's. They also get full-blazing sun all day too. The pots and annuals out front in more shade, are much easier to deal with.

It got pretty humid this week and I did not spend as long a time outdoors as I have been. I work early and after a couple of hours, I look like I have been swimming! I was walking my garden with a friend this week and saw so many weeds. I had skipped a week weed-eating and pulling weeds, and the weeds took advantage. I saw my first dreaded chambers bitters

this week and it will not be the last. I weeded and weeded some more but I may be losing the battle. I even had a pigweed plant growing in one of the pots on the deck.

I fertilized everything today before watering. Even though I may not have weeded for one week, I do walk my garden every day. I love seeing the changes. I am harvesting peppers,

cucumbers and squash, and I did get my first cherry tomatoes, but still waiting on big ones. I found these little bags (on-line)

and they can enclose a cluster or one or two fruits to protect them from birds. I have to say, the bird netting out front for the blueberries and blackberries has done an amazing job and I have had the most fruit ever. I love picking some every day. The bird netting is working on the olive tree too, and I have olives getting bigger every week.

I can't tell you how excited I am.

Gardenias continue to perfume the garden,

and my house, since I pick a bouquet every few days.

I have big-leaf hydrangeas in blue, purple and pink,

and the panicle hydrangeas are getting into the act too. Altheas

are in bloom all over the yard, and so are my tropical hydrangeas

--can you tell I like orange?

What could be prettier?! I tried a few new varieties of caladiums

this year and they are finally emerging. The life of a gardener is never dull, there is so much to do and you are never ever done!

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