Opinion: Tools & Toys

Dap Extreme Stretch and Night Sky Star Map

DAP Extreme Stretch

What's to love: Now comes in 12 new colors, so after a repair or sealing a project, there's one less step. No painting.

What does it do: DAP Extreme Stretch is a sealant made with acrylic urethane which allows for flexibility and adhesion as elements in a house can expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. The weatherproof and waterproof seal can fill a 3-inch gap and is suitable indoors or out and for windows, doors, siding, trim, baseboards and molding. Colors available, including the new ones are: white, clear, almond, tan, limestone, woodtone, dark brown, gray, slate gray, iron stone, redwood, pine green and black. A tube sells for $6.38. More info at dap.com.

The Night Sky

What's to love: Wanting a way to commemorate a special day such a birth or wedding, this is a way to do that and have great looking art on your wall. This company will create a map of the stars on the date you you select.

What does it do: At the company's website: thenightsky.com, enter the date and place. The user can choose different background colors, constellations or just stars and personalize with a message. The star maps are printed on 18-by-24-inch sturdy museum quality paper. They sell for $60.

— Cary Jenkins