Walker disappearance, Walker killing remain unresolved

A dad is in mourning, pleading for his daughter’s safe return who has been missing since May.

Tamara Bell Walker was reported missing by the Little Rock Police Department when her dad Calvin Bell became suspicious after losing communication with his daughter for months.

According to LRPD, Tamara was last seen May 5, 2020, from Pulaski County in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her disappearance, however, came approximately one month before her husband was found dead Friday, June 5, in Pine Bluff.

According to a news release from the Pine Bluff Police Department, officers were sent to the 100 block of Larch Street due to gunshots.

Officers found a vehicle hit a pole and a man identified as Corey Walker was found unresponsive inside the car.

Jefferson County Coroner Chad Kelly confirmed June 5 at 3:09 p.m. that Walker was pronounced dead by Deputy Coroner Eric Belcher due to gunshot wounds to the upper portion of the body.

A second press release from the PBPD ruled Walker’s death as a suicide but was retracted later by the police department.

According to Pine Bluff Lt. David DeFoor, the information released about it being a suicide was premature because it wasn’t in writing.

“The original information came from an investigator who went to the autopsy,” said DeFoor. “Until there’s substantial evidence that it was a suicide, this will continue to be under investigation.”

DeFoor said once they found out about Tamara Walker and the relation between her and Corey Walker, that information became part of the investigation.

Detective Dearing of the Little Rock Police Department, the lead detective on Tamara’s disappearance, said he couldn’t provide much information but were actively investigating the relation.

With many pieces of the puzzle missing, Calvin Bell fears his daughter may be dead also. Bell, who lives in New Mexico, said he spoke to Tamara almost every day.

Tamara’s sister, Samoan Bell who resides in South Carolina, said her sister had no family in Arkansas and also fears her sister is dead.

According to Samoan around May 29, 2020, Tamara’s 2014 Jeep Cherokee was found in Arkansas, however, there were no signs of Tamara.

Calvin said he started seeing changes in February from Tamara, who couldn’t get along with a house guest that was staying with her and her husband Corey.

Shortly after he said conversations stopped between him and his daughter. It had been well over a month and he became concerned. According to Calvin, on April 21 the texted her the following message:

“Give me a call just checking on you. Call me when you can.”

No response.

On May 3 Calvin said he received a puzzling text because it didn’t sound like something his daughter would say.

“She would never announce she was taking her meds,” said Calvin, who says Tamara who fought in the Navy and received disability, battles with a bipolar disorder.

“I think someone else typed it,” said Calvin. “She said I took my meds. I love y'all. We alright.”

The following day, May 4, Calvin said he texted her back.

“I said I need you to call me,” said Calvin. “I told her I was planning on getting in touch with missing persons because it is not like you not to call in almost a month.”

Calvin said this time he received a response stating she had dropped her phone in the tub and was getting another one. Calvin expressed the way the message was written was not how his daughter would speak.

“I was like wait a minute, something is going on here,” said Calvin. “I texted her on May 5 for her to call me because I needed to hear her voice.”

Calvin said he told her if she doesn’t call soon he would assume that someone else was using her phone to communicate.

“I said these are troubling times and people hearts and minds are being expressed so help me do the right thing as with not having to get authorities involved,” said Calvin.

Suggesting to his daughter that she use someone else's phone to call him if her phone was damaged, he said his final straw was on May 13 when she didn’t call him on his birthday.

“That morning usually she would call me up singing me some crazy birthday song that she just made up and most of the time it’s early in the morning like 5 o’clock because she wants to be the first one to call me,” said Calvin.

“I didn’t get a call so as the day went on I sent a message at 8:37 in the evening and said Tamara, I hope and pray you are well. I know that something is going on with you now because you would have called me on my birthday," he said.

That’s when Calvin initiated a welfare check and a missing person’s report.

Tamara’s family said they feel left in the dark, stating they didn’t even know about Corey’s death until the news reported it and no one from his family has reached out.

Calvin said he does get frequent updates from Dearing with his most recent update on Monday. According to Calvin, Dearing has retrieved Tamara’s phone records and they are pinging her locations.

According to the family, Corey was questioned about Tamara on June 1 and said information provided to them from the detective stated that Corey was in fear that someone was trying to kill him.

Calvin said he was informed by Dearing that during Corey Walker’s interview he was just returning back from Kentucky and hadn’t seen Tamara since May 5.

When Calvin asked if his daughter’s phone pinged in Kentucky, Calvin stated the detective could neither confirm nor deny and just stated they are actively investigating.

“I just want my mother back,” said Tamara’s son who the family asked to keep his name private. “I want justice for my mom.”

Samoan states her sister wanted the best for her son after she was diagnosed with bipolar after serving in the Navy.

“My family and I are concerned because we have not had any other news from the police in regard to Tamara’s condition,” said Samoan. “We do not know if she is alive or dead and we would like some answers.”

Tamara is a 45-year-old black female. She is 5'9", 110 lbs, black hair and brown eyes.

She was last seen on Green Mountain Drive according to LRPD.