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Wonder Woman!

by Janet Carson June 27, 2020 at 4:21 p.m.

I feel like a new woman—and look like one too.

I finally got to have my hair cut and colored this week! It is so much cooler. I do not know how people can garden with long hair. I go to Jajuan at Beyond Hair right up the street from my house, and she is a whiz with hair. Jajuan opened back up with safety in mind. She has installed plastic shields between each chair, but she is really watching the schedule.

I was the only one in the salon while I was getting my hair done, and the next customer was entering as I left. Jajuan wore a mask and gloves the whole visit, and I had on a mask until she started cutting. Safety first, but oh my, how wonderful it felt to have my hair done again!

Jajuan is a super woman—hair dresser by day, but advocate for victims all the time.

Jajuan started a non-profit called WOW – Women’s Own Worth

several years ago after a traumatic personal experience. This led her to understand first-hand what abuse victims felt like, and she has made it her life’s goal to help others who need help. She is constantly looking for ways to help, whether through initiating state legislation, creating training guidelines, helping victims get needed services, a car, a home to live in, --spiritual and emotional help, whatever and wherever she can help, she tries to do so. Her big fund raiser each year is Wowapalooza in the fall at the Governors Mansion.

Proceeds from her events help in many ways, but also with educational scholarships. This year, they hope to provide five $1000 scholarships to women or men who have been a victim of domestic violence or a violent crime. Applications will be accepted through July 17th. If you know of someone who may be interested please share this information with them. There is more information on the website – www.womensownworth.com

So you can see why I call her wonder woman! Jajuan has never met a stranger, and once you meet her you are friends for life. She is compassionate and caring, and has overcome many obstacles on her own, but you would never know it. She works magic in many ways—(my hair for one), and is someone you can rely on to be there if you need her. To learn more about Jajuan and her mission, visit her website.


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