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When I left for Costa Rica I took pictures of the yard to measure the changes that happened while I was gone. When I got back, not much had changed. The colder weather and rain kept things from moving too much. A few more daffodils were open,

but that was about it. Today, feeling inspired after the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show this weekend, I walked the yard. Two full days of sunshine and mild temperatures got things going again. I have five different varieties of daffodils

in full bloom with a few more to come.

I did see the beginning signs where a few tulips are coming up that the squirrels missed!

I also will have a bloom on my iris plant this week.

I continue to have good blooms on the hellebores

and loropetalum, but more open loropetalum blooms were damaged by the cold weather this week.

My japonica camellias have made it through unscathed and the buds are showing color.

A lot of gardeners told me this weekend that they had lost flower buds on their camellias and many are worried about their hydrangeas. I do have some dead stems on some of my hydrangeas for sure, but I also have buds starting to grow on some branches,

so all is not lost. Don't be too quick to prune dead wood! The oakleaf hydrangea is starting to put on a lot of new growth.

I am more worried about my figs.

They look pretty bad, but hopefully looks can be deceiving.

The spring beauties have popped in my lawn.

While I know many lawn enthusiasts consider them weeds, but I love their ephemeral beauty. Pansies are growing well

and my French sorrel all came back and looks beautiful,

and is a nice addition to a salad. The flowering kale is bolting

and even one of my edilble kale plants has a flower stalk emerging in the center.

Bolting happens when plants are exposed to swings in temperature. Tomorrow's forecast is for a high of 70 but Wednesday there is only a high of 57 and on Friday a low of 38, but nothing below freezing. Time to start gardening, if you aren't already.

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