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On wealth inequality

In order for Bradley Gitz to condemn Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren's proposed "wealth tax" as "The Bolshevik way," he had to contrast current affairs with Jefferson's and Madison's time when the nation's population was around five million, maybe 20 percent of whom could vote, and white settlers employed the state as a means of expropriating Native American land to be harvested where possible by slave labor.

His Bolshevik references fail to mention that by the time Bolsheviks took power in Russia, Western liberal states were using industrial arms to colonize Africa, the Middle East and Asia (having already colonized North and South America). War-weakened Russia fell to the Bolsheviks, and Stalin felt the country must industrialize before imperial states advanced on Russian territory. Having no colonial populations to exploit, the USSR exploited its own to industrialize just before Nazi Germany did advance.

Capitalism has not been innocent of prodigious crimes as it enriched the populations of liberal states. Now that world wars have ended colonialism, capitalism faces a dilemma. It will have to exploit domestic labor or eliminate it with automation ... which increases politically troublesome wealth inequality. French economist Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century notes that wealth inequality will persist and grow because the rate of return on investment is always greater than the rate of economic growth. His new book, Capital and Ideology, notes that income inequality is not an economic problem, but a moral one.



Stop wasting money

Our mayor wants us to vote in a 1 cent sales tax. When he stops wasting our money on bodyguards for himself, I might consider voting for it.

Our mayor, whose apparent desire is to rule Little Rock like a czar, spent over $300,000 of our tax money on bodyguards for himself. My question is why on Earth does he need bodyguards? It is a senseless use of taxpayer money. Has anyone threatened him? Sounds like he's feeding his ego.

Let's send the mayor a message. Stop wasting our money to boost your ego!


Little Rock

What we can't afford

First, our mayor closed two municipal golf courses because he said the city couldn't afford them. Then he hires a chief of staff (when we already have a city manager) at about $100,000 and a security detail which has already cost us over $300,000.

He wants to use the city street fund for other things. Mr. Mayor, have you seen our city streets? They are in terrible shape, and those funds were designated to fix them. And now he wants a 1 percent city sales tax for other enhancements. I think what we can't afford is our mayor.


Little Rock

Editorial on 03/02/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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