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Was that necessary?

Reading the articles about the trial accusing Eric Scott Kindley of sex crimes against women he was transporting from jail to jail was horrifying.

Linda Satter did an excellent job of reporting the details of the case against him, and the way the trial proceeded, but I'm dumbfounded why she felt it necessary to include these details about the two women whom Kindley allegedly assaulted: One, she wrote, is "dark-haired and heavyset" and the other is "a tall, lean blond."

What do those descriptions have to do with anything? Where is her description of what Kindley looked like?

I must admit when I read those passages and went back to the byline I was surprised the article was written by a woman. I won't conclude why an article about a man who allegedly sexually assaulted these women included a description of what they looked like, but if I did it wouldn't be flattering to the author.


Little Rock

It's not your concern

I have lived eight decades, raised a family, traveled the world and earned a master's degree, yet Jason Rapert and his fellow legislators do not believe I am competent enough to manage my reproductive health issues.

Missy Irvin told the legislators she chose to have her baby when she learned she was pregnant and unmarried. She voted to deny every female in the state of Arkansas the right to make that decision.

Nobody is for abortion until life throws them a curve ball and they feel that is their only choice. Recently I read that a 9-year-old girl was pregnant due to incest. Are you really going to insist this child carry a baby for nine months? How about the women who have a Zika baby, or one whose baby is abnormal?

You do not know why a woman has an abortion, nor should you know. This is between her and her doctor and her conscience. The Supreme Court got it right the first time. We do not need to return to back-alley abortions or home remedies of coat hangers and caustic substances.

It's time the Legislature stops using this issue as a political football and gives women credit for having enough intelligence to make the decision that is best for them. Mind your own business.


North Little Rock

Coronavirus theory

Tom Cotton went public with a theory that the coronavirus could be a bio-weapon that got loose from a Chinese military lab near Wuhan a couple of weeks ago.

Then late last week a doctor from Texas Children's Hospital said that they were working on a vaccine for the coronavirus in 2016 but ran out of funding.

The obvious question, then, is how could an identified virus in 2016 be a bio-weapon in 2020? Seems like our senator is starting to have some credibility issues.


North Little Rock

Make correct decision

As a citizen of Hot Springs, and with one confirmed case and three non-confirmed coronavirus cases, I was concerned last week. Now I'm just upset with local, state, and the federal government.

Oaklawn Park has one of its biggest stakes races this weekend, which draws people from all over the country. With other sports going ahead without fans, it seems Oaklawn has not addressed this issue. What makes this worse is the owners, jockeys, and trainers travel all over the country; a lot of them use private planes. They are not being monitored by the Arkansas Health Department to my knowledge. And it's a disaster waiting to happen!

Considering that Hot Springs has one of the largest groups of people over 60, we are sitting on a powder keg. Everyone in government has not taken this seriously from top to bottom, and We the People need to make the correct decision and demand that our local and state governments make the correct decisions. Call your state rep, call the governor, call your local officials and demand that these events are shut down.

This is no longer a joke or nothing serious; it's an official worldwide pandemic. We had a pandemic of this magnitude in 1918; 50 million people died. Let that sink in.

We can beat this if We the People demand our government do the right thing.


Hot Springs

Must work together

Our nation is currently facing a significant health crisis with the coronavirus epidemic. This is the time for all government officials, including both Republican and Democratic members of Congress as well as those in the Trump administration, to put aside their personal and political differences and work together for the good of the nation.

The real question is: Are we still able to do that like we once did following Pearl Harbor?

I would like to hope so, but the events of recent years have left me wondering if that is still possible in this country.


North Little Rock

But if they can play

If it's not safe for fans to attend games, how is it safe for players?

It's about money, folks. It may be time to stop playing around and everyone just stay home.



Editorial on 03/13/2020

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