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Herd immunity plan

Coronavirus is here to stay and we are ignoring the rapid nature of viral spread through inadequate testing and response from our federal government. We have no idea how many cases there are, who has had it, where they have been, how long it has been here, and where we will be in the future. Our world health monitoring force through the federal government was depleted (thanks to our "genius" president), which probably could have at least better prepared our nation for this pandemic. We don't have adequate testing, hospital beds, ventilators, but have a president that basically has lied to us about our "great" health department response.

As an ex-physician (two years retired after 30-plus years of practice) and current small farmer, I look to the only way our government is fighting this pandemic. It apparently hopes enough people get the illness to stop the spread with the unfortunate consequence of 1 to 2 percent of the infected population dying. It is relying on herd immunity, an unknown percentage of people (or animals) that contract the disease so that it no longer spreads across our nation. Maybe if enough people get the disease, herd immunity can delay the spread of Covid-19 until there are antiviral meds that can treat the illness, or a vaccine that may prevent it entirely.

So as Mom used to say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We are past the prevention (Thanks, Prez), and now dealing with the pound of cure.



No excuse for camps

International Holocaust Remembrance Day was a month and a half ago, and before we forget the Holocaust for another year, let us consider concentration camps.

Most lexicon definitions describe concentration camps as places where populations of undesirable minorities or political enemies are "concentrated" for imprisonment. During World War II, Japanese Americans were concentrated into camps like that in Rohwer, Ark. Hollywood actor George Takei says that he was lucky to have stayed with this parents during his internment at Rohwer. For the past year, Takei has been speaking to National Public Radio and various forums. He even has an illustrated book about his concentration camp experience, They Called Us 'Enemy,' that the Latino children being separated at the U.S.-Mexico border may find interesting.

In various interviews, Takei has defined U.S. immigration detention centers as "concentration camps" where populations of Latino children are concentrated for long periods of detention. Takei goes on to say the Holocaust camps of WWII were better defined as "death camps" because Jews were sent there to die. By comparison, the U.S. internment of Japanese Americans during WWII eventually ended, the prisoners were released, and the children were allowed to remain with their parents.

Today, Latino children are being taken from their parents who commit the misdemeanor offense of crossing the border in the wrong place. There is no excuse for concentration camps, and we know it.



Joe is no statesman

Re Joe Biden: A statesman would go to the president and say, "I'm here to help. Here are my ideas."

Taking the stage to criticize the man wearing the mantle of responsibility is what we used to call a chicken-dropping.



Some debate queries

Not being invited to participate in any debates to this point, the Grill Party nonetheless feels some issues have been overlooked, questions not asked of the posers on the stage. So, candidates wanting votes, answer these, please:

  1. Before parents can take the child education credit on income tax forms, should they be required to show proof of attendance at parent/teacher conferences at their child's school?

  2. The tax being touted for the top 2 percent of income, those super-rich at the top, does this apply to celebrities, sports stars, actors, musicians, etc., who so loudly proclaim their disdain for all things Republican? Or does this tax apply only to Republican business people and supporters? Fair is fair.

  3. Will all candidates refuse to accept matching funds from the government, such as the box I had to check on my tax returns saying "no" for any of my money to go to any of these folks? Raise the money or spend your own.

  4. Will all candidates (Hello, Bernie) submit health and tax information? We have a right to know if someone might drop over after the election.

  5. Will the candidates stop shouting over and at each other to actually answer some damn questions? A rule for debates should be instituted to shut your dadgum mouth if all you are going to do is attack and insult. Or have a set-up like the old Gong Show where a voter could bang the gong when someone needs shutting up. Or electric dog collars on the debaters that can be triggered by folks at home when someone needs shutting up. Or a trap door which opens and drops the debater into a big vat of garbage.

The possibilities here are endless for getting debates to be actual debates.



On Republican logic

It must be great to be a Republican. You don't have to think. As some letter-writers wrote recently, life is very simple. Just get a job. They obviously don't understand people that have had to struggle all their lives. They weren't raised in a mobile home by drug-addicted parents and sent to school hungry when they were sent at all. My wife, as a teacher, can tell you hungry children can't focus and have a hard time learning. Orphans, children of a single parent with two jobs and not enough money to feed or clothe them (let alone spend time teaching), ADD kids, handicapped children (some physical and mental)--all need help.

There is a famous statement that really tells it all: "For every major problem, there is a simple answer that won't work." Republicans want to cut food stamps, cut Head Start, destroy Planned Parenthood, all good programs that the poor and underprivileged desperately need. And all with a straight face claiming to be Christians.

But now using Republican logic, we know how to solve all our problems. Get a job.


Little Rock

To protect ourselves

Cancel everything. All events large or small. Close the state parks. Everyone please be aware of the consequences for not doing so. Someone you know is going to die.



Editorial on 03/15/2020

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