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This has been an unsettling week for the world. People are hunkering down and stocking up on supplies. Our grocery stores look like a snow day forecast times 10. I have never seen anything quite like it. In the midst of it all, my daughter and her husband moved into a new apartment, so we had many trips to the store to get things they needed.

It has been a full week.

To add to the chaos, we have had strange weather. Earlier in the week, I had the air conditioning running in the car, and would have liked to turn it on at home but I could just not do it this early in the season. It was 78 outside and 73 inside one day, then 42 the next. Crazy! We have also had too much rain. I did have some time to pull weeds one day; as wet as the soil is, they pull out quite easily. I need to mow the weeds in the lawn, but it hasn't stopped raining long enough to get it done, plus I had moving duties. In looking ahead at the 10 day forecast there is rain predicted every day but next Saturday and then we might have lows in the upper 30's. Since we are all staying home, we have time to garden, so we need some weather to cooperate.

Each day I try to walk the yard. It is like opening a new gift every day. Azaleas are opening more each day, both the evergreen

and the deciduous forms.

I have blooms on both of my kerria plants--the bright yellow and the white flowering forms.

My white iris are in full bloom.

I am not a huge iris fan, nor would I prefer white ones, but my good friend Thera Lou dug these out of her yard and gave them to me. When she gave them to me years ago, I put them under the herb bed to protect them until I had time to plant them. They rooted in the most inhospitable place, and get stronger and prettier every year. I always think of Thera Lou when they bloom--they are as beautiful and tough as she was. That is what pass-along plants are all about!

I have loads of blooms on my goumi berry eleagnus, so I am expecting lots of fruit.

The same with my blueberry bushes.

I was also thrilled to see buds emerging all over my fig trees, so I have no winter damage on them.

The Japanese maples are beginning to leaf out and flower,

and the red buckeye opens more each day.

Blooms will follow soon.

Spring is bursting out all over, we just need some sunshine to go with it. We all have the time now to garden! Stay safe!

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