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Take the time to care

Greed--it's amazing what people will do out of greed, isn't it? Take the latest horse-racing scandal--drugging horses to make them run themselves to death, if necessary, for money. Who cares?

That's another thing we're good at. "It's what I want. Who cares?" Indeed. Who does care? Even people who affiliate themselves with religion develop these attitudes sometimes.

Well, what do you care about? What's your bottom line? Have you asked yourself lately if what you care about matters much to anyone but you? How does what you do affect the big picture of your community, your country, the world?

We don't have to be a Scrooge. We can care and do something constructive. We can build things that stretch far and wide for a great positive impact on our world. We can do things that matter to each one of us. And we should try to make a difference for all of us.

Because we can, if we will. What will we do?


Little Rock

Two sides, same coin

I am fed up with politics in America.

Both sides have become nothing more than victimization-pandering machines. All they seem to do is tell their supporters different versions of, "Oh poor, poor you. Nothing is your fault. You don't have any responsibility for the state of your own existence or the current state of affairs of our country. The [insert demographic-specific boogeyman] did this to you. No need for you to do anything. Don't worry about putting in any personal effort. You don't need to sacrifice in the now for the hope of a better future. I'll fix it for you. Only I can."

What ever happened to, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"?


Little Rock

Suggestions on virus

It's apparent our leaders in the health industry and in government could use some helpful input from the public, so here goes nothing: (1) Restrict trading on Wall Street to three days only (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). (2) Use UVC lamps to attack the Covid-19 virus outside. (3) Instead of injecting money into the markets, allow for businesses to apply for lines of credit that could be paid off at a later date (perhaps starting a decade after issuance). And lastly, (4) Has anyone bothered to look into the effect chlorophyll has on the coronavirus? You might be surprised.


Little Rock

Editorial on 03/16/2020

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