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Panic virus all its own

According to the Centers for Disease Control, by the end of December 2009, 50 million people, one in six, had been infected with the H1N1 flu virus, and 10,000 had died from it. The coronavirus (covid-19) thus far pales in comparison, and I seriously doubt it will ever reach the levels the H1N1 did.

The drastic measures we are taking now will have some impact, but covid-19 will run its course regardless. The population most at risk are our elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions and/or compromised immune systems. This is the same population group that was most impacted by the H1N1 virus, yet we saw no drastic measures taken for them when it was spreading. If I recall correctly, H1N1 was monitored and reported by the media, but it did not drive the news cycle like covid-19 has.

Is this going to be our new normal every time a new virus strain evolves? We shut everything down until it disappears? The reactions of people to covid-19 are more disturbing to me than the virus. The hoard-buying, pushing and shoving, and people afraid to step out of their homes is a virus of its own. If we take common-sense measures of staying home if we are sick, washing our hands, and looking out for each other, I believe covid-19 will go away in time.

Yes, it is that simple. Common sense always is, but I fear we have lost it.


Bella Vista

Maybe share the cost

The drug industry’s powerful lobby is pulling out all stops to defeat the Grassley-Wyden bill that would force the industry to lower drug prices, something they have only danced around for years.

Oh no, they say, this will stifle research.

Why do U.S. citizens have to bear the majority of this expense? Perhaps if our prices are lowered, the industry would be forced to charge other countries a little more for the benefit that they also receive from this research. Just a thought.


Little Rock

All about statesmen

In response to Mr. Dan Baw’s recent letter titled “Joe is no statesman”: I say, “Like Trump would even listen!”



We’re still their bosses

I have figured out I have a better chance of dying of the virus than I do of getting a response from those elected to represent me. Tom Cotton campaigning in Ohio for himself for 2024. French Hill apparently hiding. At least I spoke with an actual person at Sen. John Boozman’s office.

We deserve better, but we won’t get it till we demand better, both from ourselves and elected officials from the local level to Washington. Bureaucrats everywhere need to be reminded exactly who they work for!


North Little Rock

Do census, get check

The U.S. government is frantically trying to get everyone to participate in the 2020 Census. How about if you get your $1,000 covid-19 bonus check only after you fill out the census form?

I’ve already done it—it took about four minutes.


Pine Bluff

Tackle the real issues

Fear-mongering isn’t the exclusive tool of Donald J. and his lackeys. To maintain control, it seems the DNC and monied “liberal” interests (neo-liberalists) are using fear to oppose Bernie. But it is not Bernie they are opposing, rather the ideas and policies at the heart of his campaign; ideas and policies that are necessary for survival (e.g., those truly addressing the emergency of climate disruption), and full acknowledgement and respect of human rights.

The neo-liberalists are propping up Joe Biden as a way to maintain control, and using fear-mongering, saying things such as (a) there is an urgent need to coalesce behind Biden to defeat Donald J., (b) Bernie and/or his ideas and policies are too extreme, and (c) a “centrist”—code word for neo-liberalist—like Biden is needed to attract independents, disaffected Republicans, and less progressive Democrats.

Sounds good and reasonable. However, look behind the curtain and all you will see—whether it is Donald J. and his acolytes, or the neo-liberalists—is a bunch of selfish, greedy cockroaches scurrying to hang onto their wealth and/or power.

I cringe at the thought of Donald J., a wannabe emperor who has no clothes, and is as cruel as the Burgermeister in Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. However, Biden and especially the neo-liberalists will not address human rights issues in any way that jeopardizes their money and power. Stop saying, “I would support Bernie, but [fill-in the neo-liberalist fear-mongering allegation].” Instead, steadfastly support Bernie because he is espousing the ideas and policies that are human rights-centric, not money-centric. Bernie is a true voice in the wilderness.

Please, we need to do what is right, not allow those in power to use fear to manipulate our actions. The right thing—putting human rights issues at the foundation of every policy—is to elect Bernie, and grapple with the real issues that exist, not to be cowed by the fear-mongering machinations of Donald J. and the neo-liberalists.



Supply and demand

This is not an original idea, as I saw it on the Net, but worthy of sharing with the decision-makers.

For items in high demand and low supply, charge the regular price for the first pack or item, and if the person chooses to “stock up,” then charge a premium of, say, 10 times for the second item, and 100 times the regular price for the third item. Then if the person wants to stock up at that cost level, they want it really bad.


Bella Vista

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