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Diaper change needed

Difficult times require strong, trustworthy leadership. I was born when FDR was president, so I have a long memory of the ups and downs in our national life. Every time disaster has struck, we have been fortunate to hear reassuring, measured words come from our president--words that console and encourage and unite.

Sadly, we're now in a very different time. In the difficult hour we're experiencing, we have a Crybaby-in-Chief for a president. For starters, this man never tells the truth about anything. Ever! He seems to think we don't remember what he said yesterday. He seems to think that video didn't capture what he said last week and the week before that. He wakes up in a new world every morning and thinks we do, too.

Then there's all of his nasty, vulgar speech--his endless blaming, insulting, name-calling, whining, bragging, gloating. He never takes responsibility for anything. All the while he whines that others are treating him "so unfairly."

We desperately need to have a normal person in the White House again. I would settle for a member of either party. Lots of us have had all we can take of this infantile Crybaby-in-Chief.


Bella Vista

Stephens' extremes

In Bret Stephens' essay in support of Joe Biden's election, he laments that with the Trump presidency the Republican Party has "succumbed" to its "extreme." What he fails to actually recognize is that with the outsider Donald Trump's 2016 victory, Republicans were "succumbing" to their disaffection with establishment Republicans the likes of Bret Stephens.

He further mentions that Trump represents "nativism," which he will not miss when Biden is elected. Stephens even admits that he does not agree with Biden's policies, but we can only guess that America First (aka "nativism") is just too much for him to suffer.

Stephens and other "never Trumpers" should please come to terms with the fact that the Republican Party left them and their globalist priorities back in 2016. Furthermore, we will never return to the "go along to get along" crowd they represent no matter how many elites it enriches. We will proudly leave that "extreme" to the Bret Stephenses of the world.



Editorial on 03/21/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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