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Many people are going stir-crazy being trapped indoors. I have plenty to keep me occupied, and this forced home time, has me way ahead on tasks that I have been putting off. I am in the middle of some major clean-out, organization stuff, but when we finally had sunshine,

I ditched the inside tasks and headed outdoors. It was cooler than I had expected, but that didn't stop me from gardening. I fired up the electric lawn mower and mowed the winter weeds down. I pulled weeds, did some pruning and then headed out to the nursery. What fun! I had the sunroof open and the windows down (with the heat on) and rolled into nursery number one---Cantrell Gardens.

My second stop was Good Earth Garden Center.

I wasn't the only one out in search of a gardening fix. There were quite a few people strolling around both nurseries, but everyone was doing a great job of social distancing.

Both nurseries have some fabulous camellias, but I don't need any of those.

I also saw some lovely lilacs

and flowering cherry trees. I was searching for some cool season vegetables to replace some I am harvesting, and some more herbs.

I came home with some lettuce seedlings, parsley, cilantro, and oregano. I pulled up the oregano last year because it was taking over the garden. I will put this one in a pot of its own. I also bought two basil plants which I potted up and put in a sunny window inside. It is way too cool for heat loving basil--and tomatoes, and peppers, and SunPatiens--all of which I saw this week at several nurseries and garden centers.

If you need some pick me up color, you can plant some petunias, callibrachoa and geraniums now. They will take cooler weather, but not a hard freeze--protect them if that is imminent. I bought two callibrachoa plants and one geranium for some instant color out front. I also bought some fun yard art. All-in-all quite the pick-me-up to get my gardening season rolling.

One added note about Cantrell Gardens is they accept plant pots and plastic trays for recycling. Recycling services are on a temporary hold, so I am glad I have an outlet.

I got home and planted what I bought, did a little harvesting and walked the garden again to see everything in its splendor. I absolutely adore my deciduous azaleas which is in full bloom and smells heavenly.

I am going to have quite the crop of goumi berries this year,

and my edible olive tree that I got last year for my birthday, overwintered outside between my shrubs and house, and is loaded with flower buds.

I am so hoping for some olives this year. Time will tell. The plant made it through all winter without one damaged leaf. The same cannot be said for my Meyer lemon which looks pretty sad.

My native blood root is also in full bloom, with more blooms coming. This is one of those spring ephemerals that you have to enjoy while they are here because they don't last long, but so quaint while they are here.

I harvested some cabbage this week for St. Patrick's day corned beef and cabbage and noticed that one of my plants had a little nibble out of it. Another one had a huge bite the next day,

so I covered what's left to protect them until I finish harvesting.

There is just so much cabbage you can eat per day. I did a narrow covering because I am letting the bees enjoy the blooms on the bolted broccoli and greens before I replant.

Of course, we only got one day of sun, and then the gloom and rain were back on Sunday. Looking at the week ahead, we are in for several days of sunshine and temperatures going up to mid 70's two days and 85 on Thursday! Crazy weather.

Stay safe and garden when you can.

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