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Feb. 27

Michael Richard Brown, 45, and Giselt Aglays Delgado Marchan, 39, both of Austin, Texas

Luis Gabriel Cardenas, 32, and Lucille Marie Camargo, 43, both of Springdale

Amber Eve Imrie, 31, and Emilia Sanna Alund, 35, both of Fayetteville

Charles Jeffrey Kutter, 22, Farmington, and Kathryn Grace Hall, 22, Springdale

Christopher Wayne Martens, 36, and Bo Shannon Ferguson, 30, both of Prairie Grove

Patrick Thomas Richards, 31, and Charity Carla Smith, 32, both of Fayetteville

Feb. 28

Niles Evin Allen, 33, and Callie Marie Austin, 26, both of Elkins

Charles Floyd Carpenter, 39, and Meranda Kay Clyborn, 22, both of Fayetteville

Jason Andrew Garvin, 38, and Melissa Breanne Noblitt, 27, both of Fayetteville

Stephen Luzano Loyola, 47, and Sonja Marie Wood, 45, both of Prairie Grove

Jose Alfredo Martine, 32, and Zuleyma Karina Sierra Reyes, 32, both of Springdale

Cory James Reeves, 19, and Shynia Lynn Marie Drummond, 19, both of West Fork

March 2

Clifton Dale Birge, 28, and Ashley Nicole Usrey, 29, both of Springdale

Jeremy Dane Hoffman, 38, and Sarah Catherine Houston, 40, both of Springdale

Hamilton John, 41, and Jolynn Lejer, 36, both of Springdale

Monte Allen Moore, 33, Glynn, La., and Angel Dianne Duncan, 44, Dry Prong, La.

March 3

Hever De Jesus Contreras Gomez, 23, and Meagan Brianna Beyard, 28, both of Springdale

Michael Elimas, 47, and Carnation Hidai, 55, both of Springdale

Paul Elliot Lang, 22, and Jennifer Anahi Flores-Gomez, 18, both of Springdale

Saimon Phillip, 38, and Jemina Samson, 34, both of Springdale

March 4

Ryan Wesley Graham, 30, and Rebecca Lynn Garnett, 28, both of Fayetteville

Joseph William Henderson, 26, and Mya Rose Hargrave-Jaramillo, 20, both of Witter

Willie James Jacobs, 57, and Tina Elaine Rose, 59, both of Dexter, Mo.

Dexter Lamonte McRae, 27, and Kendra Lynette Glasper, 32, both of Fayetteville

Oscar Luis Pacheco Vela, 25, and Diana Yazmin Gutierrez, 24, both of Springdale

Philip Ryan Stanley, 28, and Natalie Beth Mize, 35, both of Cane Hill

March 5

Elvis Beltran, 34, North Little Rock, and Lisseth Noemi Martinez, 40, Springdale

Rodger Franklin Frost, 67, and Vicky Sue Safley, 63, both of Springdale

Artemio Perez Juarez, 48, and Elizabeth Sierra Garcia, 45, both of Lowell

Shawn Kay Rosenkilde, 58, and Amy Joy Stahl, 51, both of Springdale

March 6

Sergio Douglas Bonilla Ortiz, 24, and Cecilia Janeth Hinojosa Urdiales , 20, both of Springdale

Christopher Sky Brandon, 35, and Almas Chughtai, 30, both of Prairie Grove

Justin Allen Lawrence Byrd, 25, and Madison Kennedy Lewis-Allred, 23, both of Fayetteville

Zachary Bryan Carroll, 32, and Sara Jane Nicholson, 28, both of Winslow

Nicholas Joseph Davis. 26, and Sarina Ashley Lewallen, 26, both of Springdale

Edison Mapson Enos Jr, 26, and Helpina Daisy Rujke, 27, both of West Fork

Junior Kaneko, 25, and Lokilani Tokiko Jajo, 30, both of Springdale

Donald Graham Langston, 21, and Regan Ashley Ridenoure, 22, both of Winslow

Julio Cesar Mancia Flores, 21, and Briceida Vasquez-Salcido, 19, both of Springdale

Sydney Danielle Michael, 23, and Amanda Ann Webb, 25, both of Gentry

Ray Anthony O'Neal, Jr., 39, and Danielle Elizabeth Harper, 35, both of Rogers

Matthew Greer Richardson, 24, and Kelly Ann Nefzger, 23, both of Fayetteville

Brian Timothy Whited, 38, and Erin-Francis Roth, 39, both of Tulsa, Okla.

March 9

Jose Luis Bartolo Tovar, 31, and Glorimar Colon-Mendez, 29, both of Fayetteville

Heather Renae Coker, 40, and April Dawn Goad, 35, both of Winslow

David Luke Kimler, 26, and Laura Ann Lieberenz, 25, both of Springdale

John Tracy Kopta, 56, and April Gayle Bennett, 44, both of Springdale

Kyle Alexander Murray, 27, and Lydia Marie Champlin, 30, both of Fayetteville

Jose Fernando Perez, 29, and Norma Graciela Pineda, 27, both of Springdale

David Erin Rackley, 42, and Emily Jane Wells, 42, both of Prairie Grove

Joshua Ofosu Sarpaning, 35, Fayetteville, and Elizabeth Ann Gilbert, 32, Springdale

Tyler Gene Self, 26, and Rachel Paige Trivitt, 22, both of Fayetteville

March 10

Samuel RayNeil Farmer, 38, and Colby Walker Whitlow, 26, both of Fayetteville

Jerry Joseph Griego, 48, and Starla Kay Anderegg, 47, both of Broken Arrow, Okla.

Wallace Juan Hattabaugh Jr., 52, and Angela Renae Darling, 43, both of Fayetteville

Dashae Terrell Lucas, 33, and Fanette Michelle Dahl, 43, both of Greenwood, Miss.

March 11

Johnie Edward Atkinson, 41, and Serena Shaun Johnson, 41, both of Fayetteville

Jose Ignacio Figueroa-Juarez, 28, and Osbelia Cruz-Duarte, 28, both of Siloam Springs

Peter Rug Henry, 35, and Abina River, 31, both of Springdale

Joshua Earl Hess, 42, and Angela Joan Brandenburg, 45, both of Farmington

Mack Jokray, 44, and Grace Henry, 43, both of Springdale

Elenilson Osorio Umana, 23, and Eloisa Victoria De Leon, 23, both of Springdale

Luis Jose Torres Delgado, 37, and Nichole Michelle Sanabria, 36, both of Springdale

Benjamin Stuart Young, 45, and Stacey Rae Smith, 44, both of Fayetteville

March 12

Lindi Rene Criswell, 36, and Zivah Kirk, 49, both of West Fork

Janmichael Tobo Delapena, 28, and Takberan Ariel Kamram, 28, both of Fayetteville

Lewis Ray Evans, 24, and Diana Marie Bales, 23, both of Lowell

Dalton Cole Goodwin, 26, and Nikki Shae Williams, 22, both of Springdale

Angel Hernandez Martinez, 25, and Edith Isabel Landaverde, 24, both of Springdale

Jesus Lemus, 42, and Dinora De Los Angeles Sanchez Gomez, 47, both of Springdale

Kevin Andrew Lint, Jr., 22, and Ann Marie Breshears, 33, both of Fayetteville

March 13

Steven Michael Barnette, 55, and Sheila Ann Kirkpatrick, 49, both of Springdale

Matthew Clayton Camp, 31, and Elizabeth Katherine Vammen, 30, both of Fayetteville

Arthur Eugene Cornett, 59, Fayetteville, and Connie Darlene Lawrence, 61, Farmington

Andrew Peter Greek, 22, and Jacey Noelle Sites, 24, both of Joplin, Mo.

Jeremy Lee Hutchinson, 37, and Jennifer Rae Hartman, 36, both of Fayetteville

Charles Jason, 37, and Atlenta Morelik, 42, both of Rogers

Aniket Ramchandra Kalambe, 29, and Aishani Sood, 29, both of Fayetteville

Ian Patrick Kennedy, 22, and Jordan Ashley Maass, 22, both of Fayetteville

Rickey Meredith Lee Jr., 25, and Evelyn Grace Day, 23, both of Springdale

Ulysses Lugo, 21, and Maritza Olguin Reyes, 23, both of Springdale

Jonathan Bryce Marshall, 35, and Iesha Shawnta Williams, 29, both of Fayetteville

Andrew Michael Meekins, 24, and Julia Lynn Compateso, 25, both of Fayetteville

Morgan Thomas Montgomery, 25, and Abbey Nicole Allen, 25, both of Fayetteville

Michael Shawn Witherspoon, 55, and Cynthia Michele Taylor, 49, both of Prairie Grove

March 16

Zachary Russell Altom, 32, and Amanda Nichole Hice, 35, both of Fayetteville

Richard Albert Berg, 41, Springdale, and Bethany Susan Roth, 42, Fayetteville

Benjamin George Brandt, 31, and Savanna Jane Swaffar, 28, both of Fayetteville

Antonio Cordero II, 41, and Elizabeth Del Carmen Cruz Peraza, 35, both of Springdale

Christopher Drew Gaultney, 37, and Jordan Dannelle Slater, 29, both of Elkins

Dean Jacob Grogan, 25, and Rebecca Kerstin Obst, 24, both of Fayetteville

Ryan Blake Harriman, 33, and Francis Elizabeth Bundrick, 36, both of Lincoln

Mark Steven Holmes, 61, and Rebeka Sarratt, 45, both of Springdale

Dane Truitt LaBorn, 32, and Lisa Nicole Ford, 35, both of Fayetteville

Benjamin Chadsey Ledford, 31, Tulsa, Okla., and Kathryne Dianne Rocole, 26, Fayetteville

Joseph Alan Lingar, 32, and Jessica Nicole Erwin, 33, both of Elkins

Manuel Alejandro Sanchez Granado, 37, and Melissa Lee Zaccagnini, 42, both of Fayetteville

Cory Christian Spencer, 23, and Brittany Nicole Peters, 22, both of Bartlesville, Okla.

March 17

Thomas Emmett Brawner Bevis, 34, and Ashley Nicole Mauldin, 35, both of Fayetteville

Joseph Paul Little Bear Clifton, 35, and Brianna Hope Potter, 36, both of Springdale

Andrew Joseph Corn, 31, and Rae Elizabeth Plugge, 31, both of Fayetteville

Lane Charles Gibson, 22, and Jessica Leigh Sykes, 21, both of Springdale

Tony Ray Herrington, 26, and Summer Michelle Stilwell, 24, both of Lincoln

Cory Amos Huitt, 25, and Brianna Rae Williams Barad, 24, both of Farmington

Matthew Tylor Johnson, 27, and Hope Dominique Parson, 28, both of Greenland

Brandon Wade Kissack, 41, and Stephanie Ellen Kissack, 29, both of Fayetteville

James Patrick Simon, 53, and Trina Michele Higgins, 48, both of Springdale

March 18

Marco Antonio Alvarez Avila, 47, and Merlin Suyapa Espana Trinidad, 39, both of Springdale

James Kirk Edwards, 49, and May Vang Yang, 48, both of Springdale

Dalton Wayne Harvill, 23, and Jolene Dawn Hill, 27, both of Springdale

Richard Lomout, 30, and Jabkajok Jibon, 30, both of Springdale

Antonio Medrano, 54, and Rosa Maria Reza, 59, both of Springdale

Marco Antonio Perez, 23, and Catarina Zenaida DeLeon, 25, both of Fayetteville

Colton Lane Stilwell, 21, and Teara Lynn McClelland, 19, both of Lincoln

Donald Frank Stoeckel III, 41, and Casandra Christine Swinson, 34, both of Fayetteville

NW News on 03/23/2020

Print Headline: Marriage licenses


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