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The emperor's naked

All it took was a global pandemic to expose Donald Trump as the petty, uninformed blowhard that he is. Dr. Trump, with his M.D. in BS from Trump University, told us that the coronavirus was just a hoax perpetrated by the liberal media to make him look bad. Well, it worked, because he sure looks bad. Unempathetic, empty-headed, self-pitying and what a coward, making poor Mike Pence take all the responsibility.

I feel sorry for Dr. Fauci, who has been a beacon of sanity and integrity during this crisis. He's toast, of course. We all know what happens to people who make Trump look bad and who garner too many headlines and favorable press attention. Once the worst has passed and he is no longer needed, he will be kicked out and labeled a closet Democrat or never-Trumper.

The stock market clearly knows the president is not up to the task. The economy is heading for a deep recession and it will take Trump down with it. Old Uncle Joe is on his way to the White House and all the stimulus packages won't matter because everyone sees Trump for the unclothed emperor he is.


Little Rock

Put the hate on hold

With the Saturday edition, I got my weekly dose of why we should hate Trump from Paul Krugman. This is the economic genius who predicted that a Trump election would result in an immediate stock market crash followed by a near depression-like economy.

This is followed by a scathing letter from Sandy Wylie of Bella Vista requesting a diaper change for our Crybaby-in-Chief.

With the world in a state of unprecedented turmoil and our country fighting a deadly enemy that we know little about, wouldn't this be a good time for a little civility?

Mistakes and miscommunications are the kind of things we should, unfortunately, expect in a situation that changes by the day, if not by the hour.

Comparing our response and results with other countries may be interesting, but our culture, resources and technologies are vastly different.

We are facing a danger the likes of which we have never seen, and have precious little experience in dealing with.

Like him or hate him, Trump is our president. He has assembled the very best minds that we have to offer in medicine, technology and logistics. I recommend that we put the hate on hold. You can express your feelings in November.

Let's work together by staying apart and see if we can get through this. I'm betting we will.


Little Rock

Light at end of tunnel

Most of my neighbors and I are confined to our homes. It was heartening Sunday morning to see outdoor entry lights on at some of the houses. It seemed a welcome to future visits when the virus crisis ends.

How wonderful it would be if each of us kept this kind of vigil light burning day and night. Even if only one other person nearby noticed, it would do a world of good. And we all know that the entire world needs goodness now.



Set aside for seniors

We all find ourselves in constraining circumstances during this coronavirus epidemic, but that is no reason that we cannot act like civilized, caring human beings. Hoarding with a "me first" attitude of fear seems to be the norm, leaving shelves bare for those not able to "get there first."

I, like so many in our community, am older, live alone, and although I do drive, am disabled. Therefore I propose the following: that all grocery stores in our various communities set aside an equitable amount of hard-to-find products like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, laundry soap, disinfectant wipes, etc., in a "seniors only" space available throughout the day, for purchase only by those 65 (70?) and older, with proof of age or by proven proxy, and no more than two of each product being bought at one time.

Making a daily hour available only to this group when the stores open, usually at 6 a.m., the store having been restocked overnight, is one answer. Unfortunately many of the elderly cannot attend at that early time, for a variety of reasons, and again will be left out.

It seems that the best answer is for the stores to keep such needed products, adequately stocked, in this "seniors' space." Otherwise this group of older citizens is being penalized for what would seem an attitude by the stores of wanting only profit rather than community service.

I hope the stores will arrive at a consensus of how to help our total population in a fair and equitable way. We all contribute to our communities in one way or the other. I challenge the stores to contribute, as well, in the spirit of togetherness, fairness, and support.


Little Rock

Respond to governor

It's Sunday morning and I just watched the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, explain the steps that state governments and the federal government need to take to deal with the current pandemic. Cuomo seemed to be begging President Trump to act, using all of the powers at his disposal. Hopefully the president will understand what the governor is asking for and respond to his requests.

Most, but not all people, realize the seriousness of our situation. Maybe we should all pray that the president can rise to the occasion and show the same type of leadership that Governor Cuomo is showing. So far, it seems, he has not been up to the task.



On men and women

Recent statistics show that twice as many men as women are dying from coronavirus. Is this nature's way of telling us that women rule?


Mountain Home

Editorial on 03/24/2020

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