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When it comes to information and news from authoritarian regimes, it's best to take everything with a truckload or two of salt. So when the ChiComs say there are no new coronavirus cases in Wuhan for so many days in a row, you'll notice members of the free press squintin a little.

But it's not just Red China that likes to make things up. You might have noticed that when headlines mention coronavirus in Europe, they probably refer to Italy or Spain, maybe the UK. What about Russia?

If you believe Tsar Vladimir the Permanent, Russia doesn't have that many cases. The official numbers as of Friday were 253 cases and one death in a country of 145 million. Press X for doubt. (X).

Business Insider reports the most likely outcome: The Ruskies are cooking the numbers:

"Doctors in Russia say the government is covering up coronavirus cases in the country and forcing medical staff to treat infectious patients without protective equipment. Anastasia Vasilyeva, head of Russia's Alliance of Doctors trade union, said Russian authorities were referring to coronavirus cases as ordinary pneumonia, implying that they're distinct from the coronavirus pandemic."

It appears Vladimir Putin isn't being 100 percent honest about his country's virus numbers. That is, he appears to be just as honest about this crisis as anything else. More's the pity. More's the deadly.

Editorial on 03/25/2020

Print Headline: Cooking the numbers


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