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It is up and ready for your attention and voting.

The University of Arkansas Razorbacks' NCAA Tournament.

The 28 Razorbacks teams which made it to March Madness have been bracketed and can now be voted on.

Four teams got first-round byes, the three Final Four teams of Nolan Richardson's and Eddie Sutton's one.

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Voting for each round will be four days, so you can use your iPad to research any or all teams.

If you click on the matchup it will give you records and the starting lineups, but some may want to go deeper in comparing opponents, etc...

I'm playing.

Like most, I'm really missing the NCAA Tournament.

Last weekend was tough, and many times the thought passed what a perfect time to be working from home if March Madness was raging.

The NCAA made the right decision to cancel the tournament. This coronavirus, is much worse than originally thought.

It is a double whammy for men my age and older.

So instead of watching live competition, my days are spent researching articles for this space, reading about the virus that has attacked not only our country, but most of the world.

Now, though, I've got something to look forward to that will be entertaining and part of the world of perspiring arts.

It is fun, easy and free to all subscribers.

Use social media, email or phone calls to compare your votes with friends and family. Each round should be interesting.

For many it is going to bring back a lot of memories, especially the days of Sutton and Richardson when the Razorbacks were a national powerhouse.

My best guess is they will be again.

The prediction here is Eric Musselman and the Razorbacks will be part of March Madness next year, and yes, I believe this great country will be back to normal before most of the world.

The UA Razorbacks' NCAA Tournament ends April 4.


It was a no-brainer the Olympics would be delayed because of the coronavirus.

There are too many athletes and officials from all over the world who would be living in close quarters, and of course competing face-to-face in many of the events.

Some of the countries scheduled to participate in the Olympics will not recover as quickly as the United States which has thousands of dedicated medical professionals working on how to stop this virus and make sure it doesn't return.

There are so many questions about this virus, like why is Italy being hit so hard?

Why won't New Yorkers understand this is too serious for thousands to show up at Central Park on a nice day.

Are some parents really making play dates for their children who are out of school? (That answer can be found on Facebook)

The only way we are going to get our lives and our sports back is to pay the dues right now.

If President Trump is correct and this ordeal is going to peak in the next few weeks even with an appropriate recovery time, college football should kick off in August as usual.


Sam Pittman's first year as the Razorbacks head coach may not result in a bowl or an overall great record, but what the Razorbacks Nation will see is more discipline, dedication and determination.

Leadership is obviously abundant in the football program now.

Like Musselman, Pittman is just laying a foundation for the future, and he and his staff are doing it one player at a time.

Sports all across the state and this country will return if the right amount of caution and patience is used today.

Sports on 03/25/2020

Print Headline: You decide which Hogs' team is best ever


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