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Cartoon was offensive

I strongly object to the protective mask showing an upside-down American flag in Tuesday's paper. Of course, it is not unusual for me to be offended by the "leftist" renderings from Clay Bennett in Chattanooga and Bruce Plante in Tulsa.

Hate to admit it, but I even agreed with much of John Brummett's column!


Hot Springs Village

Should meet online

Since the governor has called for a special session of the Legislature, I have a question: How will that work with social distancing at this critical time? Why can't they meet online, like so many of us have had to do? What kind of message does this send to those who are ignoring all the warnings and continuing to endanger all of us? Please, Governor Hutchinson, do not set this wrong example.

Those of us staying home know this is the right thing to do. Think of the people who must go out to provide necessary services (my daughter works at UAMS)--they are so much more likely to be exposed to the virus if you encourage such irresponsible decisions!


Little Rock

Use available drugs

There are reports about available drugs, used safely for years, that will cut the coronavirus recovery time in half. That will reduce stress on patients, hospitals, health-care workers, and federal funding. Shorter recovery time would reduce the quarantine time, lower the mortality rate, and reduce the chance of pneumonia.

So why are these lifesaving drugs not being used right now? The only answer I can see is that WHO and the FDA call for more time-consuming tests. Are these really needed, or is the WHO controlled by the Chinese who want to cripple our economy? The FDA allows use of these drugs in extreme cases. Why not let each patient's doctor decide when to use them, with the patient's approval?


Bella Vista

Police came through

OK, so here is some positivity for your readers. March 18, my son (who has chronic lung disease) turned 9. He wants to be a police officer and had been hospitalized his last two out of three birthdays, so I was determined to have a party.

I reached out to many people online, and despite the coronavirus, I was surprised to see not one or two, but five state troopers come bearing gifts for my son. Dustin Rosenburg, a Searcy County officer, also drove all the way to Harrison just for my child's big day. St. Francis County and White County also sent my son happy birthday videos that meant the world to us.



Editorial on 03/26/2020

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