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It has been a full week with gardening as the theme.

I have spent time in my own yard, planting, weeding and harvesting,

and shopping for more plants, but I have also gotten to enjoy friends gardens as well, keeping mindful of social distancing. We are outside after all.

I am still renovating my gardens. This week I harvested all the leeks and kale,

and replanted with peppers, eggplant and a few more tomatoes, then I mulched them all with rice hulls. I wanted to plant okra, but didn't find any in my seed packets, but did find several new sunflowers, so I planted those instead.

I pulled almost all the pansies and violas from one side of the front yard,

but the rest look so good that I am still waiting to pull them. I am planting around them, and have plants lined up waiting to go in, but haven't done it yet. I did use some of the harvested pansies and violas I pulled, in vases around the house and they lasted almost a full week.

I am still renovating pots out front and on the back deck

and keep finding new plants to try. River Valley got in some of the new daylilies I talked about in March, called EveryDaylily-- supposedly offsprings from Stella d'oro daylilies. I bought the Yellow Punch and Pink Wing. I will tell you how they do. I had to get some more soil, but I have that now, and hopefully will finish pots today.

I spent time in friends gardens, getting inspiration for my own garden and enjoying their plants, plus it has been nice socializing a bit too! I walked Merilyn's gardens,

Carol's garden

and got to enjoy the Jame's rose garden

which is at it's peak--stunning.

I have several roses in my yard, but he had me wanting to plant even more.

There are so many unique plants in all the gardens. I am adding to my plant wish list. From this huge flowered Henryii clematis

to the gorgeous variegated gardenia,

and so many more ideas.

I even got to spend an evening on the porch with friends for a salad dinner with wine one evening.

I have been going to the store about once a week wearing my mask and keeping the hand sanitizer handy, but as I have been out and about this week, you can see that more people are getting out. Traffic has increased a lot and it seems stores are more crowded. Some places I go everyone is wearing masks, and at others very few are. I am not taking any chances yet.

I have enjoyed having more time to spend in my garden, but I have to admit, I have not gotten much done indoors these days, even though there are plenty of project I could be doing. It is a spectacular time to be outside. It was down to 46 degrees this morning at my house-- a bit nippy, and I know it got colder further north. Now it is a cloudless day with full sun and almost no humidity. The garden is calling.

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